Crown Promenade Perth.

“Expect the unexpected”, couldn’t agree more xD

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24 & 25.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 13 & 14.


It was a tiring 2 days trip at TaiChung xP

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18.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 07.


What’s up on Day 07: Back to Xin Yi District (Taipei 101 area) > ATT 4 Fun shopping mall > Cloudy Cupcake at Eslite book store Xin Yi Branch > Maji Maji Square > Back to Xin Bei Tou > Check-in to hot spring hotel xP

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11.01.15 Hello Taipei + Taipei Vendome Hotel.


Although this was happened on 11 Jan but now, my holiday will be over in 8 days, but the excitement is as fresh as I departed from Perth. 🙂

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