Last month of Summer.


I almost forgot, this is the last month of Summer šŸ˜…

This post isĀ something I haven’t done in my blog before, I usually do my outfit and food post separately, but this time I thought let’s combine them together and see how it go xP

The Roll’d in Harrisdale have been opened for quite a few months already and I’ve came hereĀ 3 times, first timeĀ was with JC, second time was take away and third was with my family, but I kept telling my cousin Serene that I’ll take her here one day but never happen until this day, and I must say that I am “The Queen of Postpone” so finally here we are x’P


Drinks: Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


Sides: Crab rice paper rolls.


Crispy Chicken Ribs.


Main: Serene’s, Beef and Chicken Pho.


Mine, Grilled Pork Chop with Fried Egg Com Tam (Broken Rice).


OOTD:Ā Strappi Cami from Supre. Shannon Scallop Edge Textured Kimono from Boohoo. Skinny Twill Pants With Raw Hem & London Rebel Jewel Strap Flat Sandals from ASOS.Ā 


Gogo Philip Star Charm Necklace from ASOS.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Leather Watch & Marc by Marc Jacobs Enamel Toggle Bracelet.


AJ Morgan Hmmm Round Ombre Sunglasses & Novel Clutch Bag from ASOS.


Outfit of that day was actually what I wore to JC’s manager’s engagement party back in November 2016, was already planned to do this post after attended the engagement party but I need to get my other older blog posts up ASAPĀ on that month, posted 3 posts everyĀ week that month it was a bit hectic so I postponed this outfit post (told you I’m the queen of postpone x’P). Anyway I am rarely wear a color scheme like this, my wardrobe are 90% monochrome so I should congrats myself about finally trying new color schemeĀ šŸ˜…

That’s all for today andĀ see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

// Behind the scene //

As usual, I always quickly sketch out whenever I got the “angle of the picture” in my head that I want in my photos, it’s easy for me if I do photoshot by myself with tripod, also easier for Serene to help me take photo ans she did a brilliant job! JC don’t usually willing to take photo for me that’s why I aways use tripod until now I think I found my photographer now hahaha! xP


We didn’t plan to go to the oriental store in Harrisdale Shopping Centre but too early to go home so we hang around, then saw the scenery of artificial cherry and plum blossom so I thought that could be quite a nice background in photo so we took a couple, the owner of this shop came around ask do we need help so we just explain they decorated the shop looks pretty, then we start have a very long chat because found out we are all from Malaysia, what’s even strange was they came from my dad’s hometown! How small the world is? Then they came us this Korean butter waffles before we leave, aaahh those heartwarming feels like back in hometown again xD



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