Please be nice to me, dear 2017.


Last 2016’s blog post! xD

Last year we bring in 2016 in Cuban style at JC’s place that organised by his sister, this year we dinner at The Terrace Hotel with his family then bring in 2017 at JC’s place after dinner xP


Stayed up to catch the first sunrise of 2017 with JC! xD


As always, a little NYE “party” for only me and JC, just a super simple dinner (Nando’s) with drinks xP I used puff pastry to make 10 different toppings flavours on the cronuts, the 10 is Nutella with 100s & 1000s xP


9, white chocolate base and Nutella drizzle. 8, salted caramel. 7, Nutella with chocolate rice.


6, white chocolate base and 100s & 1000s. 5, Nutella base and white chocolate drizzle. 4, white chocolate base and Tim Tam.


3, Nutella base and peanuts. 2, Nutella base and love hearts. 1, white chocolate with mixed berries.


So that’s how we bring in the new year xD Sorry for the late new year greet and wishes but still wish you guys had a great start and more greatness to come this year! So that’s all for today and finally finished the last bit of 2016’s blog posts! Will see you guys on the next post then, ciao! xD


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