2016 Early Christmas dinner.


Throwback to the early Christmas dinner with my family xP

I only started organise Christmas lunch/dinner with my family from 2015, it’s just all in sudden I felt like do something special so yea I gave it a try and it was surprisingly success xP My family won’t be in Australia for Christmas of 2016 so I organised the dinner 1 week before Christmas. Here’s how it went xP


Couple weeks ago before the dinner I saw Ferrero Rocher Christmas Star at Woolworth so I’ve planned to get them, then on the night before the dinner, I’ve been to 4 different supermarkets and couldn’t find any of them, was too late so had to use different chocolate, oh well they seems quite good too xP


Ta-dah! Dinner is served! xD


Entree // Baby spinach and rocket leaf with orange and walnuts with garlic balsamic salad dressing. Smoked salmon, cucumber and Birch & Waite Seafood Sauce (Parsley, Dill & Tarragon) garnish with fresh dill and diced tomato. Chorizo and prawn skewer with Birch & Waite Seafood Sauce.


Main // Moroccan couscous and brown rice with baby spinach and diced tomato. Baked chicken strip with Maggie Chicken Schnitzel Coating served with tortilla and salad or couscous rice. Baked chicken strip with Nando’s marinade Peri-Peri Portuguese sauce served with tortilla and salad or couscous rice.


Main // Baked sticky Hoisin pork ribs. Sweet chilli pork ribs


The seafood entrees are new on the menu and the rest of the dishes are basically the “people’s favourite’s” dishes that I’ve made from the pass few months, it’s good to do that way coz I don’t have to waste my time and I feel more confident to make something I’m familiar with xP


Then we celebrated my sister’s birthday 5 days advance lol x’P


My family got the opportunity to unwrap their Christmas presents in advance too coz they will be away during Christmas so yea xP Except me and JC’s, had to wait till Christmas Day haha xD So here’s what Christmas presents JC and I got my family xP


Seal Island wildlife cruise vouchers for my parents, sister, bro-in-law, nephew and niece.


Stove top Macchinetta for espresso maker for my bro; Serving board with a bowl for sis-in-law.


And last, u can obviously know which ones are for my nephew and niece xD U should see their reactions, especially my nephew, he totally gone mental after unwrapped and saw those cards xP

So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony Xperia Z5. –


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