5 days straight of UberEATS.


If you’ve been following me on Instagram means that you’ve seen there was a time I’ve ordered food via UberEATS 5 days in a row, but there’s a reason behind it xP

Before reveal the reason, I would like to show you guys who aren’t my IG follower what food I’ve been ordered via UberEATS xP

5 Dec 2016.


Set Combo from Fee Fi Pho Fum: Stir-fried prawn, beef and chicken with veggies in garlic sauce, fried rice, coleslaw and chicken broth.

6 Dec.


2 Matcha latte from Nood, mine with coconut sugar, Serene’s with honey.

7 Dec.


Pho Dac Biet from Mama Tran: Rice noodle soup with rare beef, beef shin and beef meatballs.


Desserts from Gourment Republik: Lemon butter cake with coconut mousse and lemon curd, Tiramisu cake and Flourless chocolate beetroot cake.

8 Dec.


Com Tam and Cafe Sua Da from Phoever Vietnamese: Broken rice topped with grilled pork, shredded pork, fried egg, meat loaf and vegetables. Served with a side soup. And Vietnamese style white iced coffee.

9 Dec.


Donuts from MOP Donuts: Espresso Martini, Butterscotch Baileys and Salted Caramel Spiced Rum.

So that’s what I’ve had. And the reason why I did that? That was a testing. I planned to order something via UberEATS to surprise JC’s sister at work. I had to do this test because she’s living in Sydney and I’m living in Perth, I have to make sure my plan is work if I order with the app here but delivered in the total different state.

During the UberEATS days, I got my food delivered to my work most of the orders. My work place and my brother’s shop are just 15 minutes walking distance which I thought I got the best opportunity to do the test before proceed my plan on JC’s sister’s birthday, I ordered the 2 Matcha latte with my sis-in-law’s name and got them delivered to my brother’s shop, I love I can monitor where and how far away my order is. After that test I’m “kinda” sure my plan would work so I get JC’s sister’s work place’s address from her mum and made sure she’ll be at work on her birthday then start look on UberEATS for what’s around her work place, then I came across Grumpynuts by The Grumpy Barista, as soon as I saw pictures of their cronuts, I instantly knew this is it, her birthday surprise ;P

One week before his sister’s birthday, I contacted the cafe via Facebook, I told them my plan and my concern of delivery, they’re happy to help me out with the plan and note down which flavours of cronuts I would like to get her.

On her birthday week, JC found out and told me that his sister won’t be at office due to some office Christmas party so I had to proceed the plan day before her birthday so I contacted Grumpynuts about it and it’s all good.

On the day before her birthday, due to Sydney time is 3hrs ahead us, I got up at 7 something, placed the order around 8.15AM then keep monitoring every update and stalking the delivery man haha xD



Cronuts from Grumpynuts by The Grumpy Barista: Cocopops, Maple macadamia crunch, Nutella Oreo, Raspberry rose meringue, Pistachio milky bar and Salted caramel Tim Tam and praline. Photos from JC’s sister’s Instagram, go follow the urban fashionista’s IG or check her blog out! xD

Other than my plan was an epic success, what makes me feel so good was I made someone happy xP So that’s all for today’s post and will see yous on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony Xperia Z5. UberEATS code // eats-hbz9gue



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