Summer’s Cut.


Last month of 2016? Whoa that’s quick x’D

It is quite daunting to do this post, because, I see “aging” x’D But I’m happy at the same time because I found so many interesting and fun memories when I look through my photo album to find the best photo of my hair each year so yea xP

Before reveal my new hair style, here’s all the photos of my hair’s evolution from 10 years ago xP

2006 // Medium bob, non dyed. First moved to Australia, that’s my natural hair colour, as black as my t-shirt except it’s glossy x’D


2007 // Medium bob, non dyed. That night was celebrating my birthday with my friends xP


2008 // Short hair and undercut, non dyed. The shortest hair I ever have in my whole life x’D


2009 // Medium bob, dyed. Start growing.


2010 // Short to medium bob, dyed. Happiest thing happened that year xP



2011 // Medium bob to long hair, dyed; then grown longer later that year.


2012 // Long hair, non dyed.


2013 // Long hair, non dyed,


2014 // Long hair, non dyed.


2015 // Long hair, dyed.

2016 // Long hair, dyed. At Japan.


2016 // 2 weeks before hair cut.


Present // Long bob and dyed.


You may already think I’ve dyed my hair to brown, but it’s not, I have to apologies that I was using the wrong mode to take these photos, I left my camera setting at Sports mode after attend a car event with JC the other day x’D So what my hair colour actually looks like? Here a photo I found and it is the closest to my hair colour now.


Photo from Google Image.

Yup, they are totally two different colour compare with my photos x’D I was actually wanted a dark brown burgundy highlights but turned out brighter than I thought, I think my eye got problem with colours now x’D Although I got quite a few compliments but I might make it darker before or after NYE, will see xP

So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD






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