29.10.16 Margaret River Road Trip: Day 01 // Watershed Margaret River & Voyager Estate.


Why fun time must end? Not likey at all x’P Here’s last part of Day 1 in down south, check it out! xP

After all that fun time at previous place, Eddie wants to visit more cellar so me and JC just followed where he going xP Last 2 cellar of this day was this one, Watershed Margaret River.


The boys happy moment xP


Me and JC got bored while my dad and Eddie enjoying their wine testing we came out from the cellar enjoy our random chat xP


Finally he allowed me take photo of his random moment xD

After my dad and Eddie had enough of their wine testing, we headed to the last cellar, Voyager Estate, which I planned to come last year when with Shirley but they were closed so this time my to-go list have completed xD


That’s all the wine that my family have purchased there, if anyone think that amount is nothing, sorry, I should have take a photo of their van’s trunk to show you the actual amount they have bought from just that day x’D

After Voyager Estate, they went to Augusta to pick up the coffee machine (story about pick up the machine pls click HERE), so me, JC and Eden (nephew) went back to the apartment, JC and Eden continue the Pokemon movie, and I start prepare the dinner for everyone x)


My family just got back in time for the dinner xP


Last 2 bottle of these Absolut Botanik, I can already tell I’ll have these very often xP


Entree: Pear, cheese, walnut salad.


Appetizer: Chicken and creamy potato salad tart.


Main: Prawn, sliced sausage and spinach mixed in Mediterranean CousCous and brown rice.


Main: Creamy broccoli, chicken and bacon pasta.


And ended the dinner with this suuuuuuper easy desserts, I didn’t watch the time while they’re in microwave so they became this x’D Oh well the kids loved it so yea xP


So that’s our last night at down south, will see you guys on the next post, ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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