29.10.16 Margaret River Road Trip: Day 01 // Margaret River Bakery & Amaze’n Margaret River.


Next part of our Day 1 in down south, more food and fun ;P

For the lunch plan, of course I had to bring my family to my favorite cafe+bakery, Margaret River Bakery! I’ve been waiting for this day since my first and last visit with Shirley last year! xD


Finally could take a pic of the outside this time, we were in hurry to score a table on the first visit then pouring rain on the second so couldn’t take any picture of them >< But this time we came after the rush hour so we could pic as much as we want xP


I don’t know if there’s anything new on the menu or maybe they didn’t even changed but all I know was I have to have their brownie and salted caramel doughnut xDDDD


No caption needed :Q


They changed the name of this brownie, it was called “Best Ever Brownie” last time I came, now they called “Lindt Chocolate Brownie”, well, doesn’t matter to me coz they tasted so duh yum still xP


Eddie’s latte.


I don’t remember who ordered what but these are roasted chicken burger with chips xP


More food xD


Also don’t remember who order this and only remember the name like something something Panini xP But they looks pretty good xP


Me and JC sharing this Homemade Mushroom Streak Pie with chips combo.


Eddie was having a Homemade Beef Cheese pie with chips combo x)

Next stop, somewhere to burn off some calories, Amaze’n Margaret River xP I planned to come here last year but they were closed for under construction or some sort and finally their gate was wide open this time! xD


Not very looking forward to the washing x’D 




I can’t caption this but a thumbs up x’D


Time to get lost! xD


They were laughing at Eden is too short to reach the latch xP


Eddie, the GoPro guy GoPro every moment, and I shoot everything xP


Our maze leader is Edden xP


On the guide it says challenge us to find all 6 of the chairs, not sure this one right at the entrance count though xP


Apparently when you see that flying bicycle that’s mean you’re getting close to the building in the very center of this maze xP


Yaayyy, we still not out yet x’D


That white building there was where we start from xP


Now finding our way out and not sure does this chair consider as one of the chair xP


If all the normal chairs doesn’t count then this would be the 6th chair then? x’D By the way, someone marked some arrow on the floor to guide other challenger to the exit but our maze leader is so evil and remove to mark then mark the wrong direction, I like this kid lol x’DDD


Finally a way out after a 1.5km path (haven’t include the extra walking of those wrong turns) xD


Outside the exit of the maze.


This place sure a great place for everyone, I’m glad I planned to come xP So that’s all for today, next one will be the last part of our Day 1 in down south, see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos at cafe taken with Sony Xperia Z5; Photos at the maze taken with Sony A5100. –



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