28.10.16 Margaret River Road Trip: Day 0.5 // Airbnb – Bo’Vine Holiday Apartment.


A sudden road trip sure more fun than an advance planned trip ;P

So the story goes like this, our coffee machine in the shop is getting old and starting to acting up, so Karen have to look for a new coffee machine to replace it. After some searching she found these 2 coffee machines, one cost 3K (condition: unknown) and another one only cost $600 (condition: fairly new). Well, 98% of people would go for the cheaper one of course, BUT, it located at Augusta, a place that 305KM away from where we live, which also near Margaret River, Margaret River is full of craft breweries, wineries etc. Cheap coffee machine, located near breweries and wineries.. what do you think my alcoholic family and I would do? “Yup, done deal and we are going down south next weekend” I told Karen hahahaha x’D


Sorry if you think I would believe such things but meh, I like to check xP Anyway we made the decision on 17 Oct then we had to immediately reserve the accommodation we found on AirBnb asap coz the following weekend is the only weekend that they are vacancy, so we booked it before anyone else did. Then next day found what the daily star signs thingy said, isn’t that creepy? xP

I finished work 1hr earlier so that me and JC can hit the road asap then make it in time to check-in at where we were staying, my family came later on.


It was a 2hr and 45 minutes drive to where we was staying. After driving for 1hr and 45 minutes, I let JC took over and drive the rest.


Of course had to have selfie ;P


Finally reached our home away from home, Bo’Vine Holiday Apartment. ;P


I’m already loving this place as soon as I found it on AirBnb, then I love it even more when I step inside the apartment 😀 ❤


The kitchen is fully equipped, just like home, you can find anything you need for cooking and stuff xD


Yup, someone already treat himself at home xD


That’s all of the living room, dining area, kitchen and the balcony, let’s check the rooms out and see what’s behind all other doors xP


Board games, latest movies, books and cartoon, of course Karen’s kids loved it xP


Toilet and bathroom of the hallway.


The queen size bed bedroom that my parents sleep in, this room got their own French door to go out to the balcony xP


This is an ensuite bedroom, it has 2 set of bunk bed. Karen, Eddie and the 2 kids took this room. 


The bathroom and toilet in the ensuite bedroom, as you can see in this photo this room also can go out to the balcony xP


After “settle in” the “new home”, we drove down to Margaret River to get our dinner, it was only a 10 minutes (or less) drive from our “new home” xD Few days before we head down south I’ve already search on Zomato for what to have for dinner of the first night, so this is what we get, take away from Squid Lips xP


Boom! Dinner is served ;P


What I brought from Perth, brought that specially for this dinner hehe xP


Fish and Chips. // $11


Squid Lips Gourmet Box for 1 served: Snapper, salt & pepper squid, marinated prawn & scallop skewer, chips and gourmet salad. // $26


I chose cous cous for my gourmet salad.

So since my parents, Karen, Eddie and the kids have the room then where did me and JC sleep? That’s right, the living area. I took the couch, JC took the luxury silky animal fur rug xP The rest of my family arrived around 9PM, as soon as they checked around the apartment they was like “if we come down south again we must stay here again”, and I couldn’t agree more xP

So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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