11.11 Pocky Day.


Photo found at Google Image.

You probably have heard about make a wish when you accidentally look at the time and it is 11.11, what about Pocky Day? ;P

Not surprise if you don’t know Pocky Day coz it’s usually only celebrated in Japan on 11 November of every year xP What is Pocky Day? To briefly explain, 11 November is made up of ones, and ones are the same shape as Pocky stick, then voila, Pocky Day! LOL xDD Although I’m not really sure if that’s the reason but if that’s sounds fun and interesting to me, I won’t care much the reason why xP But if you wanna know more about Pocky Day, more info in this link! Just in case you don’t even know what is Pocky, feel free to click this link here x’D

No doubt Pocky is one of my favourite snacks in the world, I could eat a KG of them (70g in a pack so you do the Math xP), not joking at all x) I never celebrate Pocky Day, I only knew about it back in 2008 by stumbled across some article on websites, then I decided to celebrate in a super simple way which I bought the giant Pocky in strawberry flavour then gave some to my friends xP


Can’t believe I still can find this photos, what a memory x’D

That was the first time and also the last time that I “celebrate” Pocky day, until this year, I decided to do something “serious” but also in a “serious lazy way” xDD After serching on Pinterest for ideas, I’ve chosen the one that I really like, I chose to make this in a heartbeat as soon as I saw the photo on Pinterest then found the origin article, thanks to Linda from Eat Show and Tell gave me this idea! So here you go, Pocky and Rainbow Cake ;P


Of course you need the main character for this cake, bought this at MIYU at Carousel branch xP


4 bucks, what a score! So good! xDDD


I immediately realised the Pocky is not enough for the whole cake so I had to do this >< 


Done! xD


If the 11.11 o’clock can really grant your wish, what wish will you make? I got too many (who doesn’t?!), but all I’ll wish for…… shhh…… secret, hehe ;P So that’s all for today, hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and Happy Pocky Day! See you guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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