Cora Korean Charcoal BBQ.


Who doesn’t like BBQ? Especially it’s the buffet kind one ;P

I’ve came to Cora Korean Charcoal BBQ numerous time, I know I should go to somewhere else that are way better than them, but I had so much memories in this place, birthdays, farewells, hang out, catch up, etc. I didn’t really take photos of this place and the food every time I come here so this time I came with my cousin and I took the opportunity to take as much photos as I can xD


This is how the hot food, cold food and meat section looks like.


You know what’s next after seeing that sign ;P


Of course you have to choose the Korean brand beer to pair with K-BBQ! xD


Here’s what I had for entree while waiting for the staff set up the burner xP


Unlimited fried chicken oh man I can just have that all night long x’D


Let it burn yo let it burn xP


Me and cousin cook our meet separately, here’s the first round of my food xP


Second round.


I ended up had 3 rounds and the last round was same stuff as second round so I didn’t take photo xP We went there on a weekday night so wasn’t very crowded which I like it that way, it is a buffet style K-BBQ and $35 per person, if I’m not wrong I think the price for weekend is higher. So that’s all for today, will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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