2016 Halloween Party.


Today is the day, Happy Halloween my monsters! ;P

It is the time of my favourite event day again, this time I’ve made it big, because my parents are away so of course it is party time hehe ;P Two years ago I made a Halloween dinner only for me and JC, but this time I made dinner for 9 adults (included me and JC) and 5 kids! xD I also held the party on the day of my cousin’s (Serene) birthday, 2 events in one night, 1 stone 2 birds? Lol xP


Handmade coffin shape “plate” made out of cardboard box and wrapped in aluminium foil, you’ll see what will be on it soon in this post xP


Wanted to use red water-colouring to make the bloody hands effect but I don’t have water-colouring neither my nephew and niece so I draw an outline of nephew, niece and my hands with red marker pen then fill it and add blood dripping effect. xP


Voila! The final product of the paper blinds with bloody hands for the entrance/exit for the kid’s spooky movie area xP


When I was a kid, I mostly spend my childhood without my siblings (Ricky and Karen), so beside sneak out for my adventure time, when I’m at home I’m just invent random ideas of games and stuff for myself to play, and Indoor Fort was my favourite 😀 So I used quarter area in the front lounge for the indoor fort style spooky tunnel then it lead to the open area and the kids can watch kid-friendly Halloween movie there. Here’s how the spooky tunnel looks like xP


I used the baby bed as a “ghouls/zombies jail”, I made those zombies hands out of cardboard box then wrapped in black plastic bin bag, then stick on the frame of the baby bed so made those hands looks like they wanna grab whoever crawl pass the tunnel xD


My niece’s doll became a creepy doll xP


I blow some balloons then cover with semi transparent plastic and draw the face with market pen to make them looks like ghost xP And here’s the feast for my monsters and ghouls ;P


Bought that skull bottle for just under 3 bucks! xDD


Fresh blood (non-alcoholic fruits punch) for kids and Poisened ones on the other side are for the adult hehe xP


Graveyard nachos.


Freshly chopped fingers (pork sausages and onion for nails part) on dinner rolls.


Human’s body mince spaghetti with eyeballs (bolognese pasta, chicken meatballs with olive). I dyed the spaghetti with red and blue food colouring to get the purple colour I want, the photo can’t to it justice, click this link to see where I copied the idea from! And that’s the colour looked like in person xD The colour even scared the kids not dare to try ><


And last, the victim (bacon meatloaf, BBQ pork ribs and beef sausages). That’s what the coffin shape plate for xP


Games time! I found some kids games from Pinterest so here’s the 5 games I picked. First was, Movin’ On Up. Each players starts with a stack of 25 red cups with one different colour cup at the top of the stack, I used black cup as the top cup. Start by moving the top cup to the bottom of the stack and continue moving cups from the top to the bottom until the black cup is back at the bottom of the stack again. We used stopwatch to determine who is the winner of this game.


Second game was Stack Attack. Players have to stack up a pile of cups to a pyramid shape and then place them back into a single stack. Again, we used stopwatch to determine who is the winner of this game.


Third game was Scoop It Up. Using nothing but a spoon in mouth, transfer all the ping pong balls from one bowl to another. 

Fourth game was using chopsticks to transfer a pile of M&M’s from one plate to another plate. Last game was similar to Pong Tac Toe but I modified the game to every players got 7 ping pong and whoever got the most ping pong into the 4 x 4 cups wins. Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos during hosting the games so all those photos was taken by one of the kid’s mum, and she only got photos of the first 3 games so no photos to show the last 2 games xP So here’s what’s the prizes for the winners xD


Eden was the winner, this is the first prize he got, I’m so jealous xP


This is the second prize whic Eden’s friend won it, was pretty struggling to give away that R2-D2 coz I like R2-D2 xP


One of the girl got this 3rd prize.


4rd and 5th prize have the same which was these x)


After the games, I asked the kids to crawl into the “spooky tunnel” to their movie area, they enjoy their snacks from the prize and watch the Halloween movie, I love the fact that all my effort has paid off just by the look of their face and they had so much fun but I feel sorry to the parents coz I made the kids don’t wanna go home, one of the girl even cried coz she wanna stay to finish the movie with the rest of the kids x’D

Another reason why I wanna do this was because my childhood was actually quite restricted and I don’t want my sister’s kids grow up with no fun childhood. I grown up in a Chinese family with traditional mind parents is quite difficult especially if kids with huge curiosity and adventure heart. When I was a kid my parents think I’m weird, like they thought I got mental problem just because I’m playful, random and stuff, all they want me to do is be quiet, study, do homework and get a good result, so can’t blame me that I’ve became one of those common rebel teenager, I always wish I turn to 18 faster so that they can’t interfere and control me. Anyway, lucky my sister is an open minded mum, she don’t want to treat the kids like how our mum treat us, she let her kids be as creative as they want, as long as they do their homework, have good manner, respect and stuff x)

Parenting is almost like pulling a rubber band, either one of the hand will feel hella pain when let go from pulling too hard and too tight, so just hold in a moderate strength and length, both side won’t strangled too hard and won’t feel too painful when let go, IN MY OPINION THOUGH. x) Anyway, that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken by Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –


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