Hello again, Steak And Food Concepts.


On the previous post was about 2 years ago and later I made dinner for Oktoberfest, then 2 years ago I came to Steak and Food Concepts twice, 2 years later this year I came here twice again, I’m starting to feel creepy about the coincidental of number 2 now haha x’D

2 years ago I came here with my brother and sis-in-law for the first time, then we brought our parents here again for the second time. 2 years later this month, I don’t know what made Karen and Eddie feel like try them so we went again, without parents. After a week time we came again, with parents… the whole thing just feels funny but yea I’ve been here 4 times in total xP I couldn’t attach the price coz they’ve changed the menu and the menu on Zomato still hasn’t update so yea anyway here’s what we had when we came without my parents xP


When I came 2 years ago they still don’t have Iced YuanYang (coffee with tea) on their menu but they have it this time so I gave it a try, but it was a bit bitter to my liking >< 


Me and nephew ordered 2 set of their sizzling steak meal, the meal came with soup and garlic bread for entree and drinks x)


We ordered 2 mixed grills which has pork chop, steak, sausage, chicken wing served with veggies, and a choice of side which you can choose fries, fried rice, or spaghetti, I chose fried rice for mine and nephew chose fries for he’s x)


Eddie ordered a curry chicken rice.


Karen share a beef fried ho-fun with my niece.

That’s what we had when we came without my parents, and now is what we had when we came back with parents xP


I ordered myself a Hong Kong style iced milk tea, nephew had a iced lemon tea.


Here’s what we share. Pork chop with onion and fried egg rice.


Beef fried ho-fun.


Baked tomato pork chop rice.


Baked Portuguese chicken rice. 


Egg sauce fried ho-fun with chicken.


Mixed grills (pork chop, steak, sausage, chicken wing served with veggies) with fries.


So let see what’s next that will related to number 2 xP So that’s all for today will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken by Sony Xperia Z5. –


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