Oktoberfest 2016.


Two years ago, Oktoberfest excites me because of the drinking part so I made some simple German related food to celebrate; This year, I knew I better not to consume alcohol due to gotta go to work the next day but I still celebrated it, sad thing is, we only drank water x’D

The menu for Oktoberfest this year wasn’t too much different to two year ago, I only added a red potato and dill salad, and added something to the German potato salad xP Let’s check it out x)


Red potato and dill salad. The recipe of this salad are super simple, that’s also the reason why I make this salad coz takes no effort and can be done in less than 10 minutes xP The only mistake I’ve made was I put too much sour cream ><


I wanted to make Bacon Wrapped Bratwurst but I add the bratwurst into the German Potato Salad instead xP


Oktoberfest Submarines. I made this in a dinner roll on the first Oktoberfest dinner I made, this year I used a long roll then cut in half turned to 6 serves to feed my family xP


That’s the simple German related dinner I’ve made for Oktoberfest, next time I’ll probably just drink instead of make food? Hahahaha xD Anyway, that’s all for today, will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken by Sony A5100. –


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