Gangnam Restaurant Perth.


Throwback to the dinner at Gangnam Restaurant in July xP

Karen and Eddie been to Gangnam Restaurant twice, I assumed the food are good coz Eddie is quite a “food critic”, if the food wasn’t good Eddie won’t give it second chance so yea I trust him hahaha xD Since I never been there, neither my parents and Ricky and Isabelle so I decided to take everyone there for dinner and celebrate the July’s birthday boys in the house, my dad and Eddie xP But first, let me show off the birthday cake I made xP


A quick sketch of a birthday cake idea for my dad and bro-in-law. 


Can’t go wrong with chocolate cake with fruits, I used Coles’s brand chocolate cake mix, the taste reminded me of my favourite childhood chocolate cake in my hometown, but compare to the chocolate cake in my hometown Coles’s one are lighter (in my opinion) and I really like it! So no doubt I’ll use their mix more often in the future ;P I didn’t add any sweetness to the cream so all the sweetness are from the fruits and the vanilla drip icing x)


Ok here’s the food at Gangnam Restaurant xP


Entree: Fried Chicken half original and half sweet & spicy // $36. Seafood Jeon (Pancake) // $15.50.


Main: Bundae (Ham & Sauage) Casserole // For 2 serve. $39.90.


Beef and Mushroom Casserole // For 2 serve. $39.90.


Non-Marinated BBQ: Pork Belly (Thick sliced non marinated pork belly served with 2 dipping saces and mushroom, potato and onion on the side for BBQ) // For 1 serve. $17.50.


Marinated BBQ: Combination BBQ (Marinated beef, pork and chicken served with mushroom, potato and onion on the side for BBQ) // For 2-3 serve. $57.


Everyone’s have full tummy, everyone gone home happily that night, except me and JC’s night didn’t end just like that, we went to a movie date and Pokemon hunt, although I don’t remember what movie was that, oh well typical Sally hahaha xP

Anyway that’s all for today, thanks for your time to stopping by, will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken by Sony Xperia Z5. –


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