WA Imports: May Meet. 2016


The next part of the excitement after dinner at Nomstar, check it out! xD

After since I been to WA Import‘s first launched car meet back in February, I’m instantly knew this is my number one favourite car club so I’ve been super looking forward to this 2nd car meet. That night was a little rainy, I’ve said before that I don’t like going out in rainy day but I don’t wanna miss a thing about this car meet so me and JC didn’t absent xP

WA Imports are mainly for JDM or Euro but spectator who own non JDM or Euro vehicle still are welcome to come but admin would love the non JDM and Euro park away from them in the event, unfortunately there’s some embarrassing things happened to me, I’ve entered the wrong entrance which it is a enter only and the exit is at the other side, which mean I have to drive across where all the JDM and Euro parked at. I was like “omg omg this is soooo awkward!!” and keep thinking those people must be rolling their eyes and think “what the hell is this KDM doing here?” Imagine you’re wearing super casual and accidentally walk into somewhere so formal? But there was a few non JDM and Euro parked among them so I feel a bit better. After a day or two I went to the fan page to check their photos of that night then found my car was in one of the photo! I feel cocky and proud coz the admin could choose to not upload that photo, feels like some kind of an approval *think too much* xP But I have to thank that 370z behind me otherwise I won’t be in that photo hahahaha x’DDDD But there’s another thing that make me super thrilled, I’ll talk about it at the end of this post, so here’s all the photos of that night and I also made a video for, enjoy! ;P


Thanks to this 370Z was behind me, otherwise I won’t be in a photo hahaha x’DD Photo from WA Imports.


Went to watch X-Men Apocalypse after the car meet xP

So the another thing that made me super thrilled was.. I really wanna tell you guys the full story but it’ll be a super loooong paragraph so I’ll just skip to the reason why caused WA Import has became a private club from a public club. This car club was almost close down because of too many careless selfish drivers don’t follow the very simple rules, these people seems like just wanna ruin everyone’s good time, due to too many true fans don’t wanna see this club close down, admin decided to turn this club to private from public profile so that they can filter out those drivers. Admin will check every people’s profile before hit the “approve” button to let them join, admin mentioned on the page says that whoever sent the request will usually get a reply/approve in 24hrs if admin thinks they’re the right people, to know they’re not is by if they notice the “sent request” button turned “join” that’s mean their request have been reject, he also mentioned don’t bother keep trying send the join request. So till here you guys pretty much know what I’m going to say right? xP Anyway here’s a screenshot.


Then JC try his luck to join unfortunately he got rejected. When they were a public group, they have 3118 people, now in private group, they have approved only 665 members out of 2000 request, and me, a non JDM/Euro vehicles owner, is one of their member. That awesome feeling though ;P Oh well I know that’s nothing to cocky about or need a medal for it but this small little things so easily make me happy hehe xP

Anyway, for more professional photos of that night, help yourself to click here to check then out! xD So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next post! Ciao! xP

– Photos and Video taken by Sony A5100. –


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