This was one of the excited Saturday night that I’ve been looking forward after came back from Japan, here’s what’s the first part of the excitement xP

Food, of course food are always one of the exciting stuff xDD So, 9 out of 10 people would ask me did I have Ramen most of the time when I travelled to Japan, I feel a little bit embarrassing to answer that, but No I only had Ramen once when I was there, and that was at Yokohama Ramen Museum. Why I didn’t have Ramen often in it’s place of origin? Coz there’s toooooooo many other delicious food so I don’t wanna waste my opportunity on the same thing x( But I know it is sound quite dumb that I have Ramen in Perth after came back from the trip, like seriously, what the hell? Haha x’D

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try Nomstar out for ages after since saw some people on Instagram went there, so I planned to have dinner here before head to a JDM car meet. Ramen then JDM car meet, aren’t these a perfect match? ;P


But first, let me show off my outfit of that night. xP


Some cool looking mural in the restaurant. 


Ooohh food is here!! xD


Entree: Pork Gyoza. 5pcs // $7


Chicken Karaage. 7pcs // $8


OX Tongue Bao Bun. $5


Chicken Karaage Bao Bun. $5


Sharing a Miso Ramen (Pork bone broth, Miso blend, Chasu pork, Ajitama egg, Cabbage, Corn, Bean sprouts and Nori) $14

So, that’s how we kick started the nigth before JDM meet, and yes, you know what will be the next post about so yea see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony Xperia Z5. –


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