A Much Needed Update. Again.


Hello Hello HELLOOO! It’s been a while, let me see, 1 month and 2 weeks, if Pokemon Go didn’t inspire me to do the last post then it’ll be 3 months. So here we go again, a much needed update, again. x’D

So, what the hell I’ve been doing this few weeks? To be honest, nothing much, just eat, sleep, lazy repeat x’DDDD As I always said, I’m seriously a lazy person, so far I’ve found there’s 2 things often makes me no willpower, that 2 things are Lose Weight and Blogging x’D But I feel bad for the blog posts that have been postponed for ages, especially my Tokyo trip posts, so I thought even if I’m lazy on continue my Tokyo trip posts and would like to postpone them but at least put some posts about after the trip coz I’ve attended some events and stuff so yea xP Here’s a compilation of what I’ve been up to and some sneak peak of coming up blog posts x)



Dinner at a Ramen place then went to a JDM car meet then catch a movie on the same night, love weekend like this ;P A full story of that night will be on a new post. xD



Sneak peak of a new post: Dinner at an authentic Malaysian’s cuisine restaurant with the family.


Sneak peak of a new post: Introduced the Swedish Smorgasbord at IKEA to my family.


Sneak peak of a new post: Convinced my sister and bro-in-law to come here with me in a rainy day, but bro-in-low loved it though xP  


Bought that right after back in Perth from Japan just 2 months, that efficiency though xP



Sick for almost more than 2 weeks, ruined quite a lot of plans, oh well, who to blame? x’P


A quick sketch of a birthday cake idea for my dad and bro-in-law.


The finished product xP


Sneak peak of a new post: Took family out for dinner at a Korean restaurant for my dad and bro-in-law’s birthday.


Let me tell u a story of “Coincidental”.

It all happened 22 July, Friday night, me and JC went out for a Pokemon hunt at late night. We saw this lady stopped her car in the middle of the road at Garden City’s Hoyts cinema side, we straight away knew why she stopped there, coz a beautiful American Shorthair/Bengal cat lying next to the road 🙁 We all got out from our car and have a look at the cat, Justin give the lady a hand to move the body to the verge, I have a closer look at it and pat the body, it’s still warm but can tell he been dead longer than an hour. We left with heavy heart but we can’t really do anything, the owner properly will come look for it the next day so we hope the owner will find out soon.

We went out again the next night for Pokemon hunt, we headed to Wireless Hill again and we saw the cat’s body still there, we plan to bury it somewhere since no one came to claim it, unfortunately we got nothing to carry it, the body is rock hard and starting to smell, we left with heavy heart again.

On 27/07, it was my dad’s birthday, we celebrated with a simple dinner at my house, when I walked Justin out to his car after dinner, I saw this dark figure walking slowly towards me, then realised it’s a cat! Looks like Havana brown by the way. I immediately knew she’s not belong to the neighbour opposite us who owned 2 cats.

She’s very friendly to strangers but looks quite under fed coz I can feel her ribs and spine, and she seems not feeling too well. I can’t keep her in my house coz I have none cat food or anything that I can think of to feed her, I just don’t wanna make her get more sick so I helped Justin to take her back to his place since he got cat food.

During the ride to Justin’s house, she just lied really calm, chill and purring on my lap, didn’t even try to struggle or freak out, not even wanna try to run away, she probably don’t have any energy due to hunger. I’m concerned about her condition especially if she got flee or not so I recommend to keep her in the garage just in case she’ll affect Justin’s cats or won’t get along and start fight, although she wants to go into the house, Leo and Rex was really curious about her, but we can’t afford to risk anything so yea 😦

She chomped the whole can of cat food, we think she haven’t been eating proper food so when she chomp the food she looks like gonna throw up x( She been a really good girl, didn’t curious about anything in the garage or wanna make anywhere as her territory, she just sit aside and rest.

Next day, we took her to the closest vet to check if she got a microchip but there’s none, we actually thought she’s a HE the whole time until the lady in the vet told us it’s a SHE 😅 The lady said they’ll wait and see if anyone come finding this missing cat but if no one come then they’ll put her on adoption, we left with heavy heart again.

We actually didn’t think of anything until I’m just remembered what happened to the dead cat that we failed to help last weekend, that really gives me goosebumps, it’s like it’s a second chance for us to do it right, and we really hope we did it right although we kept thinking of some cats/dogs shelter documentary TV show that we watched before about what they’ll do if no one come to claim or adopt after 1-2 weeks x( So finger cross hope she’ll be in a new home soon x(



Another quick sketch of desserts for me and JC’s 6 years anniversary.


The finished product xP


How we celebrated our 6 years anniversary, took JC out for movie then a 2 hours Pokemon Go hunt, sorry we are so not romantic but spend every minutes together is romantic xP


Parents was away for more than a week so decided to take over the cooking duty and cook for the rest of the family. If you’re interested in some of the food I’ve made please do help yourself to check the recipe out xP


Lemon, Dijon mustard chicken and mixed veggies in foil // Recipe.


Roast veggies. Prawn and Chorizo bake penne. And a horrible looking sausage, corn muffin with tomato and mustard sauce x’D // Recipe.


Baked salmon // Recipe. Spinach orange toasted walnut salad and left over prawn chorizo baked penne.


Spinach orange salad (no walnut coz I over toast it x'( ). Pumpkin and veggies lagsana/pie(?). Chicken burrito bowl with brown rice (marinated chicken with Portuguese bbq sauce then bake) // Recipe.


Baked chicken strip with Maggi schnitzels crispy crumb mix, lettuce, Roti prata. Butter chicken serve  with rice. Boiled veggies (forgot to the veggies in before take photo =_=)


Garlic bread. Sweet potato and mix veggies lagsana/pie. Beef stroganoff serve with spaghetti or rice. Left over butter chicken.


Roasted soy honey garlic hoisin sauce chicken serve with choy sum and rice. Baked garlic butter parsley prawn // Recipe.


Baked meatball and cheese sliders // Recipe. Baked chicken strip with Maggi schnitzels crispy crumb mix, lettuce, Roti prata. Sister’s kids loves it after had it the other night so got request to make it again xP


Baked parmesan carrot fries // RecipeBaked chicken strip lettuce wrap. Leftover meatball cheese sliders and sliders patties. Last meal to cook for the rest of the family coz parents came back, but they flew away again for 3 weeks this time so gotta plan what budget dinner to make to feed 6 people, included myself and JC if he come over. xP


Look what JC got me xP

I can’t stop thinking of my childhood game Pokemon Crystal Version after since hooked on Pokemon Go, so JC installed the emulator on my phone for me then I ditched Pokemon Go straight away, then he got me this FC30 Pro bluetooth game controller, ooh man don’t ask me how much I like this thing, LOVE IT! At first, I really want to get the NES30 coz my brother had a 1st gen NES console when he was in high school then I inherited it for a couple of years then I don’t see it anymore, I think my mum parents sold it or gave it to someone, otherwise I’ll bring it over to Australia for my brother :/ Anyway, yea I want the NES30 Pro because of my childhood memory but unfortunately JC said NES30 don’t have a mount to mount the phone then I was quite torn between FC30 Pro and NES30 Pro but I ended up chose FC30 Pro and JC got himself the NES30 Pro xP


Kick start the long weekend with some bowling in neon xP

JC’s friend’s birthday was on the same week with the long weekend but his birthday was on a weekday then I thought we should do something, so me and JC planned to take his friend out for a belated birthday dinner on Friday night then I secretly planned this bowling session (JC don’t even know it) after the dinner but his friend couldn’t make it so me and JC had all the fun for ourselves hehe xD


Sneak peak of a new post: My favourite month is here! Can’t believe I haven’t do any outfit post for more than a year now so yea might as well do something special for the Halloween ;P 

So here we are, September is come to an end in just 3 days, and Christmas is just 3 months away, I found this year flew super fast for some reason >< Anyway, if you followed me on Instagram you would’ve know what I’ve been up to since the day one I got lazy again and stop blogging so yea basically that’s what’s up xP Very sorry for always so lazy and I can not gurantee you this will not happen again so yea please forgive my lazyness x’D So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –


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