17.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 06. // Tokyo Skytree.


Here’s my next stop after visiting Tsukiji Market and Ginza in the morning.

I also came too early to Tokyo Skytree and Solamachi (shopping mall) but lucky not too long till the shopping mall open so I stroll around outside the tower and took a few photo x)


Shopping mall opens at 10AM, the first place I went was the 6th floor where all the restaurants are located but restaurants open at 10.30AM so I walked around at the 4th and 5th floor to kill sometime


I’ve seen this delicate lollipop on FB and I added their shop to my must visit but I didn’t know they got a pop-up shop at Solamachi xP


I want to take a close up shot but the lady seems like going to tell me “not to take photo” anytime soon so that’s all the pictures I got ><


I went back to 6th floor coz it’s 10.30AM already, I had to stop at Salon de Sweets to take photos of all these artificial food and desserts. Salon de Sweets is a all-you-can-eat dessert shop, it’s about AUD$25 – $30 per person, wish I know this place earlier so that I can just plan my breakfast plus lunch here :Q_____


So here’s where I have my breakfast and lunch, Rokurinsha. Rokurinsha is one of the famous Tsukemen shop in Tokyo, they Tokyo Station branch is the most popular and also the most crowded shop, it is basic that you’ll have to wait up to an hour till your turn to get in, but I’m lucky I’m the first 5 customers to dine-in and no need to line up, that’s another good thing about being early xD


Tsukemen just like Ramen but it’s not in a soup like Ramen, the noodle and soup are separated, the soup is not as watery as normal Ramen soup, it’s almost like gravy and it’s eaten after dipping in the gravy. I know it may sound troublesome but trust me, it is another level of deliciousness, and I loved it more than Ramen after my first taste xP


After filled up my tummy, I starting to give this shopping mall a deep explore, but first here’s a mighty looking delicious artificial food at some Tempura restaurant :Q_____


Sorted some souvenirs at Hello Kitty shop.


Display window at Disney shop.


I then decided to have afternoon tea at the one of the best 15 Matcha place in Tokyo, Nana’s Green Tea. xP



Photo from tokyofoodstory.blogspot.com .

Although this Matcha Gateaux Chocolate Parfait is what I really want to try but I know I won’t be able to finish it so I had to give it up 😥


And this is what I ordered instead.


Hot Matcha latte topped with whipped cream and brown sugar syrup, I’m never good at describing how good the thing was if you’ve been following my blog, but even if I’m good at describing I still won’t be able to describe how delicious is this latte! :Q ❤


Enjoying my Matcha latte along with Matcha Green Tea and Hojicha Fresh Chocolate. Help yourself to have a look on their menu, but I have to warn you that their photo is very “evil” hehe xP


More exploring at Solamachi.


Found Taiyaki Croissant at either 1st or 2nd floor and of course I had to steal one home xP


Came out from Solamachi and visit the Tokyo Skytree branch’s Donguri Republic.


Took a veeeery long walk to the bridge before Sumida Park to take this shot xP


Ushima Shrine at Sumida Park.


Took a bit of rest-my-legs time at Kuritsu Sumida Park then start moving on again. So that’s all for today post of my day 6’s afternoon, see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –

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