17.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 06. // Tsukiji Market & Ginza.


Starting the day nice and early from seafood market to cherry blossom road, sound extreme. Here’s where I’ve been in the morning of my Day 6. xD

I thought I would never want to come to Tsukiji Market coz I only know it’s a fish market, after watch the travel TV show and bloggers blog about this place, I put it in my must visit list, coz I saw soooo much food!! xD Unfortunately I came on the wrong day, most shops closes and the food stalls that I came for is not open, sigh 😥


No matter which Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) shop  at Tsukiji Market are as famous as the seafood especially to Asian tourism, they’ll definitely try it, coz most of the travel TV show will talk about them, but I didn’t try, I would love to, but the specific shop that I want to try was close on that day, if you’ll be going there, please try Daisada‘s Tamagoyaki for me, thanks! xP



Photo from standinghere.pixnet.net .

I was thinking its ok if I couldn’t try anything in Tsukiji Market, but at least I need to try the famous Sea Urchin Bun, and then that shop was close too, I should double check which day are trading days of all the shops before I go. Here you go, shops closes on Wednesdays (regularly but not always) and Sundays (always, which I went, such an idiot x’D), so don’t be an idiot like me yo hehe ;P


After visiting Tsukuji Market I walked to Ginza, then I realized I’m seriously an idiot, I came about 2 hours earlier but shops opens at 11am on Sundays… *clap hands sarcastically* x’D


Well, I guess it’s not that bad to come in the wrong time while shops are closes, think in the bright side is the streets are quiet, can get some good snapshots that no people in it and I got more time for my next stop xP So that’s all of my bummer early morning of Day 6, see you guys on the next stop! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –

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