16.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 05. // Totoro Creampuff & Gotokuji Temple.


It’s only Day 5 of my Tokyo trip but feels like I’ve been there for so long xP

So this day I went to visit a place further away from the city, Daita. Well I don’t know about this place but I know something particular is there, Totoro Cream Puff (Cream Puff Workshop of Shirohige) xP Who doesn’t know that anime film called My Neighbour Totoro? I guess probably this latest generation wouldn’t know, I sometime feel it is a shame that my nephew and niece doesn’t know any anime from Studio Ghibli, my newphew (9y.o) rather watch Youtuber’s nerf guns collection and tutorial; my niece (6y.o) watches make-up tutorial from some teenage girls on Youtube, sigh….

I got off 1 station earlier so I took about 10-15mins walk from Shimokitazawa Station to the Totoro cream puff shop, the closest train station to it is Setagaya Daita Station, from there only few minutes walk xP Oh by the way, I didn’t go to Studio Ghibli, coz the ticket for whole April was sold out, bummer, well at least I came here hehe x’P


After got what I came for, I went to the closest park to have my Totoro cream puff breakfast, which also lunch xP


Ta daaaah!! xDD


To tell what’s their flavour, beside bite into it, the head decorations are the “label” of flavour although I think it kinda don’t help haha xP I though the leaf could be mean green tea flavoured, but it is cream custard. This is their original flavour and it is available for all season.


This blue ribboned hat is chocolate cream, this is also available for all season.


And this yellow ribboned hat is caramel banana flavoured, this only available from Jan to Apr. They’ll also use the same coloured hat for their other flavoured cream puff when the season comes, May to Aug is Matcha cream and Sept to Dec is raspberry with cream cheese, wish I got a chance to try their Matcha one xP


I start walking to my next stop after had the chocolate cream puff, I really wanna have them all in one go, but better not haha xD My next stop was Gotokuji Temple, I didn’t expect to see this scene when I arrived, well I never expect I’ll see a lot of cherry blossom when I went to Tokyo coz it should be the late season and I still caught it, but this is not the reason why I visit this temple though, you’ll see it soon xP


The reason why I visit this place is here xD


The scale looks small in photos but you guys should see it in person, it is quite impressive xP


After strolling across the temple, I moved on to next stop, technically I don’t have a specific “next stop” so I’m just have a slow walk to the train station, then I stumble across this Subaru fans house, anyone want the spare tyres? hehe xP


It’s just like in anime or Japanese TV series xP


I decided to visit Tokyo Station while on my way back coz I wanna see this particular shop in there, Ekibenya Matsuri. xP


Ekibenya Matsuri is a shop that sells a huge variety of Eki Bento (train lunch box/meal just like flight meal but waaaaaaaaayy better than flight meal).


I totally forgot that day was Saturday and crazy crowded so I didn’t really enjoy browsing, I wanted to choose a lunch box for dinenr but I ended up left after a few snapshot, coz it’s almost 5pm and I don’t wanna take train after 5pm :’D Just to let you know train rush hours is between 7am to 9am and 5pm to 9pm, the train can still be crowded after 9pm coz Japanese worker love go to Izakaya to relax after a long day at work then go home after Izakaya, sometime the last train of the day could be worst too >< So that’s all for today, no matter if you’re in Western Australia like me (high five to u girls and brofist to u bros out there) or don’t have long weekend this week, wish y’all have an awesome fun long weekend, be safe and especially on the road xP See you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –

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