15.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 04. // Ikumi Mama’s Animal Doughnuts & Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.


This day, is the most epic day, also the best adventure ever in my Tokyo trip. How epic? I had to split the journey of this day into 3 posts, that epic, so here’s the first part of this epic day x’D

On this day, I forced my tiring body to get up at 6.45AM, left the apartment to catch the train as soon as I’m ready. I don’t feel that tired anymore as soon as I got out from the apartment coz the sky gave me the best weather, definitely a perfect weather to start my day. Took the train and get off at Motosumiyoshi Station, walking through the busy little street to my first stop which also my breakfast, I wish I could take a stroll in that street, coz there’s so many things to see and delicious street food calling my name, only if my schedule of that day was flexible x’D Anyway, here’s my first stop xP


I found Ikumimama Doughnuts from Instagram, I thought no matter what, I must give it a visit xP


There’s other flavoured doughnut than what you can see in the photos here but I’m just took photos of those I ended up get, I know it’ll come to a very hard decision of choosing which to get because they all looks so damn cute, what even made me so struggle was the staff told me I can choose which facial emotion I want, I’m like what? How am I gonna do it? But well, I eventually picked the face I like the most (although all of them are seriously too cute x’D)


So I Google-Map the closest park from where I was then headed there to enjoy my sweet breakfast with a can of warm latte from vending machine xD


The tag on the display didn’t say what is the flavour of most of the doughnuts except the name, this one is Chiroru-Chan. I don’t remember the flavour but I like it wasn’t overly sweet and greasy like the usual doughnuts I’ve tried, in fact, they are doughnut shaped cake. It’s like a firm butter cake but not very buttery, the glaze is the main thing to add more flavour to the cake, and there’s a little surprise in their ear, they’re not ear shaped glaze nor cake, they are almond! xD If anyone want sweet snack but still wanna be a little healthy, I guess you can consider this xP


Mike-Chan: White Chocolate and Coffee flavoured.


Cha Shiba: Coffee and Chocolate flavoured Shiba Inu shaped doughnut. 

No, I didn’t have them all at a time, I only ate the Chiroru-Chan, then had Mike-Chan for dessert after dinner and Cha Shiba for next day breakfast xP After a quick breakfast, I moved on to my next stop, which wasn’t what you’re going to see now, that is my second part of this epic day, what you’re going to see now is where I went after the second part, Shi-Yokohama Ramen Museum. xP


Beside the history, development and the expend of Ramen that this museum shown, the Basement’s First Floor decorated with all kind of retro things and stuff, also the best part of the museum. xP


I could easily spend hours here to slowly explore everything they made, they are all so detail and surreal, of course I believe there’s some stuff are definitely real and left from the past, but don’t these make you feel fascinating? Like you’re seeing and touching the stuff from the 60s, its like you’re in that era now while outside is 2016, but I bet if the people at that era time-travel to this era seeing our life now probably will feel more than fascinating but quite a heart attack? haha xD Anyway, how can you not slurp some hot bowl of Ramen? So, time to eat xP


There’s 8 Ramen shops and I finally manage to chose one after being indecisive again, I chose Ganso Najima-Tei. Too be honest, I’m not very specific and expert about Ramen but I know this bowl of Ramen is the maker’s heart and soul just by drink the soup xP


Added their free of charge marinated spicy cabbage, crushed some fresh garlic and sesame seed. xP

Here’s something about the slurping noise, apparently, my Japanese friend said it’s not necessary to slurp very loud, it’s everyone’s freedom to do so, they make that sound is either because too hot or show appreciation to the food maker for the deliciousness xP


After stuffed my tummy, it’s time to take the stair (I wish I got DMC-12 xP) and go back to the 未來 (JP: Mi Rai, CH: Wei Lai, EN: Future). xP So that’s all for today, see you guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –

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