13.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 02 // Tokyo DisneySea.


Second day in Tokyo, well spent at Tokyo DisneySea xP

I was too tired from the first day of my adventure at Tokyo Disneyland so I had a bit of sleep-in and went to DisneySea late, I only had 5 to 6hrs to explore DisneySea (closes on 5.30PM that day) when I arrived so I’m basically rushing my schedule and only went on very few game rides, but I had a ball xP Anyway, enjoy the photos xD


Brunch at Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery @ Mediterranean Harbor.


I picked Apple Custard Danish, BBQ Pork Focaccia and Iced Cofee, wasn’t too bad also not too good too so yea ><


First game ride at DisneySea, 20K Leagues Under The Sea @ Mysterious Island.

Here’s a video I found from SoCal Attraction 360 on Youtube so that you guys know what’s the ride was xD



Second game ride, Journey to the Center of the Earth @ Mysterious Island.


Play the video to have a look what’s the ride was xD



3D effects short film at The Magic Lamp Theater @ Arabian Coast

Have a look in the video what’s it’s all about x)



My last ride was Indiana Jones Adventure @ Lost River Delta.


Check the video out xD



I don’t mind skip all the souvenir/gift store in both park but I can’t skip this one coz I’ve been hearing about Aunt Peg’s Village Store in most travelling TV Show, even the Japanese TV show that I’ve been following they also recommended to pay this store a visit so I did and I think I understand why this store is the most popular store in both park. I know that 2 photos can’t show the reason but if you have the opportunity, please go check it out hehe xP


I wish I could go on this ride Tower of Terror but I don’t wanna wait 45mins there so I had to give it a pass x'(


The cleaner uses his broom and dip some left over water from rain to draw these Disney character out, how cool!! xD

I left the park 30mins before they close, I really like DisneySea compare to Disneyland. Disneyland is more suitable for kids like under 8y.o, and DisneySea is suitable for over that age, I should’ve go to DisneySea on the first day then Disneyland on the next day so that I could explore thoroughly since I like DisneySea better, oh well, next time. xP


Dinner at Yoshinoya.


Ordered Beef Suki Nabezen :Q ❤ ❤ ❤


After that beef hotpot at Yoshinoya, I must say that it didn’t satisfy me so I went to Torikizoku to have 2nd dinner, please don’t judge me xDDDD This Izakaya is mainly specialized in chicken meat, it was already on my “must go and eat” list, and it was suppose to cross it off from my list on my first night for dinner but it didn’t went to plan so I might aswell do it on this night since I’m still hunggee hehe xP


My entrée was ホルモンねぎ盛ポン酢. That “meat” is the link or vein (?) that connect the heart and liver, it marinated with Ponzu sauce and eat with spring onion. 


Very common entrée, green soy beans.


My first round of drink was Taka Highball.


Main course, かわ塩. Grilled Salted Chicken Skin.


もも貴族焼(たれ. Baked Chicken Thigh with their secret sauce.


Second round of drinks, White Peach flavoured Highball.


Last course, 国産豚バラ串焼. Grilled pork.


And つくねチーズ焼. Grilled Chicken meatball with cheese.


It started to rain when I came out from the Izakaya, I’ve planned to walk home to burn some calories but it is 15mins walk from where I was so I bought the clear umbrella and start walking. My very first clear umbrella was from Taiwan, I was still studying there but I never thought of leave the country with one as a goodbye gift but this time I’ve also planned to bring one back to Perth coz not often see someone have one so yea hehe xP


While have a walking home chillaxly I spotted this done up Suzuki Swift, I really like it! So I took a snapshot to show JC (he owns a Suzuki Swift RE.4) and he loved it too, wish I could use my camera to take a better shot instead of use my phone, bloody traffic light turned green so yea xP So that’s all for today, hope you guys enjoyed browsing, have a good weekend and will see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –

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