09 & 10.04.16 It’s like a challenge.


So, if I compare last time on my transit in Singapore for ChaCha2TAIPEI to this time, (that time) 12 – 14hrs of transit is nothing at all coz I got tons of things that I can do and kill time easily in the transit area (as you can see in that post), but 24hrs at public area is actually quite a challenge x(

Yea I can read your mind, my answer to what you’re thinking (if I’m not wrong) is I just can’t be bothered, yes, 24hrs is a veeeery good opportunity for a one day trip in Singapore, if I wasn’t arriving at an odd time (23.40PM, not to mention I was quite restless on the flight), you’d already seeing me showing off pictures of places and having foodgasm over local foodporn on my Instagram. Why don’t do it after a rest then? Of course I would! If I got extra bucks, but I really rather save the mula for Tokyo then spend it in Singapore, I’m not ready for that yet, but trust me, I will have a vacation there, so I’ll keep the best till the time comes xP

Answer for your another question, I can’t stay at the transit area because my scoot don’t have the “Scoot-thru” option for me to choose so I had to claim my luggage and clear immigration and check-in again for my connecting flight, even the lady in the custom was confuse so anyway I had to hang around at the public area.

And another answer for you another question if you also thought of that, my laptop just not allowing me to connect to the free wifi even though I got the password, it kept saying not safe, same to my phone too, but I eventually got the free wifi from another server but they not allow me to hotspot to my laptop, so yea can’t do much on my laptop even though I got 10 – 12hrs worth of movies sitting there but I wanna watch them on the flight to or from Tokyo so yea ><

I managed to kill my first 5hrs for doing absolutely nothing ang walking around like a zombie, I could be one of the bodies (people who are also same like me have a long transit till next flight) on every corners or chairs but I can’t get over it so I went to The Haven by Jetquay again, like last time I did when travel to Taiwan. After a 2.5hrs sleep, I checked-out and be a street bum again.

After keep in touch with JC, I decided to do a bit of my first blog post of this trip to kill some time. So here’s what I’ve done in the 24hrs of transit in Singapore.


My flight to SG. Dreamliner Boeing 787.


Scoot snack bag, Johnnie Walker with Coke and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.


Kimono art at Terminal 2.


Link Bridge from T2 to T3.


Long time no see, The Haven by Jetquay.


Lunch at Heavenly Wang at T3’s Level 1.


Dessert at Milk & Honey – Artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar at T3’s Basement 2.


Walked around to burn off some calories.


Hidden Storm troopers at T2’s Level 2.


Dinner at Kopitiam (food court) at T3’s Basement 3.


Waiting for check-in.


Spotted Star Wars theme decal.


Onboard to Taipei.

I was totally knocked out as soon as I sat on my seat, which I really needed this rest/nap. Then it was a very short stopped over at Taoyuan Intl Airport for transit which even better, and I slept again when onboard to Tokyo. x) So here’s how I exhaustedly kill my 24hrs in Singapore, I’m sorry if some of you still can’t get over the fact that I’ve literally wasted the perfect opportunity to explore Singapore. Anyway, see you guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –



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