27.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 16.


This is how I spent my last day in Taiwan 😥

Well basically I didn’t do much but I’ve planned to visit my uni today so yea, I barely remember the scene of the road while on the bus, until the bus turned to the main road of my dorm then the memories flow back in my head xP I’ve talk about my uni in the post before this Taiwan trip so check it out if you haven’t, I first went to visit the block that where our class was x)


The main digital multimedia design block, where most of the project and artwork have to be physically done.


You see that room with all the Mac there? The room wasn’t a classroom before, it was a cafe where I always get their delicious Nutella toastie or Peanut butter toastie and milk tea when on lunch break, now it became a classroom ><


The man on left is the head of the DMD’s department, the lady on right is my lecturer, I don’t remember what she taught us xP


On left picture, the man in the centre is my music lecturer. Picture on right, the  man in the centre is my photoshop and illustrator lecturer xP Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the rest of the lecturers, they may have resigned already ><


After walked around area and reminisce, I took bus to my dorm, yea the dog was queueing too hahahaha xD Nah, he couldn’t wait till the bus come coz we waited too long so he choose walk xP


Here’s my dorm, never change at all x)


This is something new to me, we don’t have these in our year xP


So happy that the administer still remembers me after 9yrs! She said I’m the only one that came back to visit xD


After a long catch up, I had to catch the coming up bus to go back to city coz I still got quite a few things to get for souvenir, this is the last thing I got myself before leave Taiwan, 2 travel guide book for my next trip and a famous novel in Taiwan, it’s about this man is a food lover and he love to find hidden gem in Tokyo, he don’t like fancy food, he love food as simple as crack an egg on top of a bowl of fluffy rice then drizzle soya sauce over it then mix everything well, he thinks simple food means a lot already, which I also agree, well I can talk about it (my theory) but it’ll take heaps of paragraph so I must stop here xD So, thanks for reading and will see you guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 –




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