26.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 15.


I didn’t do much on my Day 15 in Taiwan, just chill and save all my energy for the night xP

I was exited to hang out with David and Claire again that night, it was my last 2 nights in Taiwan, so we went to this Asian/Western restaurant/bar called Fleisch to have a farewell, it was also my last time to see them and I have no bloody idea when will be the next time so yea, quite sentimental most of the time at this hang out, but it’s ok, food and alcohol always can lighten up the mood hahaha xD


Even their menu is pretty and cool xP


Ok, I have no idea what drinks did we ordered, coz this have been too long so I can’t remember x’D


Our food comes with this garden salad for entree.


Food’s here but first, photo xP


I don’t remember what was the dish on the first photo, the second one was Roast duck with mushroom risotto and last one was Fish with rice. We shared all these dishes and we all found the food wasn’t that great, but I like the roast duck one xP


After dinner at their 2nd floor, we moved down stair to have our drinking party begin xP


The bartender asked each of us what taste of a cocktail we would like, I said I like something fruity and not very strong alcohol taste, he didn’t even take a moment to think then he start making the drink xP


Here’s mine, and again, I have no idea what is this, I only remember the taste was like apple cider xP


Then he started to make Claire’s drinks


Of course I don’t know what was that either haha xD


And last was David’s xP


After the “entree”, we started something more fun xP


You know I won’t remember what was this but I remember the order to drink these, so first, drink the red one, then the vodka shot, then eat the tomato xP


This one was very simple, he filled the shot glasses with vodka or whatever alcohol was that then burn it, he dropped 3 coffee beans in each shot then he told us the order of drink them, first was scull the vodka then bite coffee beans, the taste reminded me of Espresso Martini haha xD


Then this one only have 2 ingredients, a shot of spiced rum and a tablespoon of chocolate ice-cream xD


After all those drinks and only us in the shop (they were closing soon), we asked bartender to make us something special to end our night.


And here it was and yes, I don’t remember what’s the name and taste, thank you very much hahahaha xD But you can definitely tell we sure had a ball, we can be best friends for this long because we all are alcoholic hahahaha xD Anyway yea that’s all for my Day 15! See you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100, all raw. –



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