24 & 25.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 13 & 14.


It was a tiring 2 days trip at TaiChung xP

This day (24 Jan) Patty took me to have a bicycle ride to these beautiful scenery near her house, actually they wasn’t very near, at least 5km each stop so yea >< The last stop was a place that have some tanks and cannons that left over from one of the war, I didn’t take photos coz I was tooooooo tired from riding after 18km ride, when think of had to ride another 18km back to her house I’m like meh can’t be bothered to take photos I’m just wanna rest my butt and foot haha :’P


After ride back to her house, we took about an hour rest then headed to the most famous night market in TaiChung, Feng Jia Night Market xP


I don’t feel tired when think of food but the crowd was seriously true just like what everyone told me, it was beyond crazy crowded, and you can tell how crowded when you can see here I only ate 2 food in the night market, it’s not just the long queue but the people traffic too ><

So that’s all for my last day in TaiChung, the next day I have to back to a place that I had so many good and fun memories, TaoYuan, that’s the state of where my uni at and where I spent a good fun 1 and half year xP


Before head to train station to catch my bullet train, Patty and her sister took me to the local breakfast shop, these was one of my usual breakfast when I was studying in Taiwan xP


Ham, egg and spring onion egg cake? I seriously don’t know how to translate “蛋餅”, but you can definitely tell what is that hahahaha xD


Pork fillet egg cake.


Pan fried turnip cake.


Soy milk.


Heading to train station after breakfast.


Le bullet train xP


This photo may show you the leg room isn’t much but actually it’s pretty spacious, not to mention that’s a full size luggage though and I actually still got a bit of room to move my leg xP


I arrived 15 mins earlier at my last hotel of my trip, iHotel, they were getting my room ready so they asked me to treat myself at home in their lounge area while waiting for my room ready xP


And here’s my room, I’m already loving it when I saw them on booking.com, and I love it even more after see the room in person xDD ❤ All of their rooms are came with a computer, there’s some came with 2 computers, this place also have hourly rate too if people just want to stay or rest for few hours.


The only thing I’ll pick on was the basin is outside the bathroom, I’m actually alright with it, it’s just the basin is a little bit too small so I have to be careful I won’t wet the entrance of the room ><


Here’s what I got from the Feng Jia Night Market, 3 long sleeves t-shirt for 20 AUD, you might think 6 something AUD a long sleeve t-shirt must be an OK quality t-shirt, I wish I could let you see in person and touch it, they are 100% cotton and comfy xP

So that’s all for my Day 13 and 14! See you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100, all raw. –



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