23.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 12.


This day, I checked-out from Taipei Morning Hotel, took bullet train to another state, Tai Chung (台中), to meet up with my another colleague from work and stayed at hers for 2 nights xD

I didn’t take photos before, during and after take bullet train to TaiChung coz I was tired and in hurry at the train station to get my actual ticket (bought the ticket online but have to get the actual ticket in person at the place), the queue was crowded and the queue almost made me miss the train but there’s one good thing if missed the train, the ticket can use on the next bullet train but if you miss the next one then you have to purchase a new ticket which will be more expensive than purchase on the website >< Anyway, I did took photos when I leave Taichung so will show them on the next post xP

Anyway, after reach HSR Taichung Station by bullet train and transit to Taichung Train Station by normal train, I stored my luggage at their luggage storage service and will collect them on the day I leave Taichung. Then I walked to my next stop and came across this scene, I didn’t even expect I’ll see this, I thought I’m in Japan hahaha xD


Here’s my next stop, Cat.Travel Cafe, the 3rd cat cafe I’ve visited in this trip (help yourself to check the 1st Cat Cafe and 2nd Cat Cafe I’ve visited) xP


Well, their food was not bad and not very good either, I don’t have any high expectation for their food, mostly came for check the cats out and kill some time xP


I ordered a set menu, the entree was corn soup.


The main was fried rice casserole.


And my drink was something latte xP


After some rest, I moved on to my next stop but not this one, this one is where I’ll passed by so might as well check it out, this hidden laneway was a graffiti lane of famous Japanese anime, One Piece, Dragon Ball etc x)


This is my next stop, Zhong Xin Market, this place was a market back in the days, years by years people starting to abandon this place but some people still stay back then old stuff left behind and new stuff brought in with the new generation so this place has full of the mixture of new and old, some quirky art too xP


Since there’s a quite a hipster cafe I might as well grab some drip coffee and chill for a bit till my next stop, which gonna be another long walk too ><


After have my body battery charged for 20-30mins, I start walking again, this time I walked through the pathway of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts which just located opposite the market to this loooooooong shape park, then I reached where my colleague work, I chilling at the park opposite her work place till she finish work.

She and her colleague took me to have hotpot for dinner, felt like I’ve been having hotpot few days straight xP Then they took me to see some artsy stores and places around.


Photo of me and my previous colleague, Patty x) She asked me what I’ve been doing while waiting for her to finish work, I told here where I’ve been, she and her colleague was shocked that I’ve been walking almost 5km, I told her I don’t how far but I can tell coz my legs was sooooooooo tired x’D


The girl on left is Patty’s colleague, they know each other almost 10 years now, from day 1 Patty start work at where she working now xP


After all those sight seeing, I think it’s worth all the walking, I can’t say I fell in love with this city but I do love all the artsy stuff and places I visited in this city, also the atmosphere actually reminds me of Perth for some reason xP So that’s all for my Day 12! See you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100, all raw. –




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