22.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 11.


This day in Taipei was more about Japanese stuff xD


So, my previous colleague, Fanning, went back to Taiwan few years ago, since our manager asked me to pass her somthing and she also got something for rhe manager as a return, we plan some meet up and hang out plan, she drove all the way from her state (1hr drive) and take me to places that I can’t reach by public transport, which was Yang Ming Shan National Park, I got my eyes on this place ever since I found them from some Taiwanese blogger so I told Fanning I wanna go there and she granted my wish xDDD


Here’s what we ordered to share xP Bite size hot spring steamed bun (comes in 10)


Soy sauce rice ball.


The shop just opened when we arrived, we was planning to ordered the Pork Sukiyaki for lunch but they wasn’t ready yet so we ordered Yuba Udon instead.


Cute tadpoles chilling around xP


After have our tummy full and catch up on our life, we walked around to digest a bit, this sea of Alocasia Odora’s bloom is very famous in Taiwan, very often that people come here to see this scene in the right season, just like people would go to see the sea of Lavender etc xP


After that we back to the city, I haven’t come to Shi Men Ting yet during my travel (been there only a couple of time when studied in Taiwan) so Fanning took me there. I only walked pass The Red House once during my uni life in Taiwan but never enter so I planned to check this place out, unfortunately they were under construction and only the outside bit are opened so we just browse around and chill ><


The most crowded street in Shi Men Ting, very often you’ll bump into Taiwanese singers have a mini concert or they promoting their new album, or you’ll see tv show doing some food interview or whatever haha xP


One of the famous Bubble Tea shop in Taiwan x)


Nothing too fancy, just a very authentic milk tea with tapioca balls and yup, bubble tea in the local definitely tasted million times better xP


After a few hours of strolling around and get souvenirs, finally it’s dinner time which I’ve been super looking forward to, Sukiyaki baby!! xD To be honest, I never heard of this place before, Fanning ask me what I haven’t eat yet during my stay there so I name a few but I said I really wanna eat Sukiyaki, then she used an app similar to Zomato and search which Sukiyaki restaurant near us then she found this. xDDDD


So this is how it work, it’s a half DIY buffet style ( xDD ❤ ❤ <3), they’ll give you a menu to tick what you want then they’ll bring it to you and you cook it yourself, for the sliced meat they only give you 3 trays at a time just in case you can’t finish it so once you finished you can order again, we ended up had 5 trays of beef, 5 trays of pork and 3 trays of chicken, could have done better if we didn’t have the bubble tea hehe xDD


So that’s all for my Day 11 in Taipei! See you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100, all raw. –


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