20 & 21.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 09 & 10.


I always remember the fact that I haven’t finish my Taiwan trip post after since the Day 08 post, and finally today, after a year and 3 months, it is a good opportunity to finish it up as a countdown till my next adventure xP

 After came back from the hotpot dinner with David and Claire, I never walked out the hotel ever since till this day’s evening, coz I was quite buggered (especially the alcohol part xP) and their bed is suuuuuuuuuuuper comfy that I had an awesome sleep till 11AM, spent some time to do my blog then went to have my late brunch at Yoshinoya.


After that, off to Shilin Night Market (4PM) before the crowd started x)


Here’s my first stop of food stall in the night market, Bear Paw xP


Will reveal what I got at the hotel xP


Next stop, Bubble tea, of course x)


And yup, will show at the hotel what I ordered xP


Of course it is a must to get the famous fried chicken fillet at Shi Lin Night Market that’s why I lined up xP Check out the queue btw xP


Of course I had to eat it in the spot, fresh, juicy and crispy xP


Back to hotel after strolling around at the market x)


Milk tea with Tapioca ball and pudding xP


And here’s what I got from Bear Paw xD


Fried chicken fillet with Teriyaki sauce.


Spicy chicken fillet with Teriyaki sauce.


And here’s my little dessert, Special limited edition different flavoured milk from 7-11 and a very famous chocolate cookie bar from Japan that selling at 7-11.


Of course I didn’t finished them all at the same time, I kept the Strawberry one to bring it back to Perth for JC coz he likes strawberry flavoured so yea, then I had the rest the next day for breakfast xP


After tried it, I’m not sure why they were crazy about this chocolate cookie though, it reminded me of Oreo actually ><

Anyway, that’s all for my day 09 in Taipei, and here’s the day 10, which is more adventurous xP


Took an early MRT to Taipei railway station and take train to a place I’ve planned to visit for so long xP


Transit at Song Shan Station

3 456

I thought it won’t be too crowded to go to that place I planned to go on a weekday, seems like I’m wrong, but it’s all good, wasn’t really cramp in the train so yea xP


Arrived the location and already saw the first cat, yup, the place I’ve planned to go was the cat village, Hou Tong xD


Decided to have a rest and chill at this hidden cafe after some tiring walk xP


Went back to the train station then took bus to the next stop, Jiu Fen Old Street.


Back to the city and stop by at Rao He Night Market

29 30

This stand was pretty crowded so I ordered and joined the queue to try the food, but it wasn’t that surprising, it just an omelette with bacon and stuff, pretty normal to me so yea ><

31 32

Then I ordered this mochi with condensed milk and oreo bits from another stand, wasn’t that bad, I guess I was too tired so I’m not in the mood to eat so I didn’t stayed too long there or ate a lot so yea >< Anyway, that’s all for today! See you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100, all raw. –


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