2016 Electrikhana.


I started to grow some interest in electric car after watched some Youtube videos of Tesla Model S, then even more after watched BMW i8 on Youtube, and then when I saw this event appeared on my Facebook and says Tesla and i8 will be there I’m like “Yes, Me am so going!”, that english thou hahahaha xD


Since JC won’t be working on Saturday and he’s also interested at check this event out so I bought us tickets to the event, $5/person for entry only and $10 entry + test drive, of course you know which one I bought hehe xP So after show our tickets and filled in the test drive form, we are ready to roll but we leave the best part to the last so we check those cars out first xD


I saw the first Tesla Model S in person at Custom Cars and Coffee last year, I can’t stopped wowing inside my head while non stop taking photos, it’s so beautiful and modern but classy at the same time xP


Back in Malaysia, my parents bought a electronic scooter, I sometime ride it and sneak out to friend’s house, I was lucky enough there’s no cops patrolling cause it don’t have a license plate neither I have a motorbike license (I was like 15 or 16) and I don’t know should I ride it on the road or onsite so yea xP The battery was only enough for one way trip (about 5km) then I had to use the paddle to ride back home and I look pretty stupid hahaha x’D That was more than 10 years ago, and now, I’m not sure how is the battery life of these guys but pretty sure it can run more than 100km before the next charge xP We watched the owner have a show off on the track and I must say it’s super fast but super quiet too so it’s definitely not for those who wants a loud exhaust ones xP


I’ve already seen a couple of these Nissan Leaf on the street x)

34 DSC02807DSC02964

Around my working area there’s always have this BMW i3 parked near by in the early morning x) It’s not my first met an i3, first time was at MC Motorsport Club Sprint Series Round 3 x)


Ladies and gentleman, here’s my most favourite part, BMW i8!!!! xDDDD Let’s just watch and enjoy it’s glamorous xDDD


After admiring the i8, we went to line up to test drive the cars. They only let people test drive some motorbike/scooter, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3, and only joy ride in the Tesla Model S, although really hope can test drive Tesla and i8 or just joy ride in i8 xP I tested drive Nissan Leaf, it was quite fast when I floor it, it pick up the speed quite instantly and pretty smooth too x)


BMW i3 was good too, in my opinion it has better pick up speed than the Nissan Leaf but down side to me was when I let go, the speed instantly drop really quick ><


And last, watch our joy ride in the Tesla Model S then you’ll know how we feel xP

It was so much fun and worth way more money for test drive although wish we could do it again and again haha xP That’s all for today and hope you guys enjoyed what you guys see here, so see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 but lowered the quality due to space limit. 😦 –

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