Gami Chicken and Beer, again.


Me, parents, Karen (sis), Eddie (bro-in-law) and their kids came here 2 months ago and we came back again, help yourself to check the post of our first visit out before check our 2nd visit out xP

So, after went to some new Korean fried chicken and beer places, we have made a conclusion of the best Korean fried chicken and beer in Perth (in our opinion though), which is here, Gami Chicken and Beer. There’s also a couple of reasons why we come back beside that conclusion, Ricky (bro) and Isabelle (sis-in-law) never come here and have been heard from us about how good it was then they feel like coming, and another reason was my parents won’t be here for my birthday as usual so they organized this as an early birthday dinner for me so yea x)


Obviously, shoju and beer is a must xP


Mandu (Korean deep fried dumpings filled with veggies)


Gami Chips (Gami-made potato chips in sous-vide cooking method)


Potato Heaven (Creamy mashed potato, covered in cheese and topped with wedges and sour cream) 


Seafood and Spring Onion pancake.


Kimchi Pancake.


Tteok Bok Ki (Stir-fried rice cakes, fish cakes, vegetables and noodles with korean gourmet chilli sauce)


Gami Boneless Chicken (750g mix of chicken breast and thigh fillet served with honey mustard sauce), half Soy Garlic flavour and half Sweet Chilli)


12 Gami Wings. (Half Spicy flavour and half original flavour)


So that’s all for today and more is coming for this week except it’s not about food xD Anyway, will see you guys on the next one, stay tuned! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –




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