Oz Streets – The Riddle Run.


I haven’t been go to any car meet/events after since the Club Motorsport Championship Round 3 so this is the very first car meet I went for this year, but I wasn’t alone, JC came along, unexpectedly hehe xP

So what happened was it was JC’s birthday week, I couldn’t get him anything so I planned a secret plan for the weekend. I found there will be a car meet held at Cockburn Gateway so I planned to take JC dinner at Guzman y Gomez (Cockburn branch) then check the car meet out but I wanna do something a little more special which is get mine and his car to be in the car scene xP But it is tricky coz I already knew the answer (which is NO) if I ask him to drive our own car to the car meet, so on that day I drove and leave my car at the location of the car meet few hours before the meet start, then I took public transport back home, I texted him to come pick me up to have dinner at Guzman y Gomez, I acted and talk normal in the car, when we reached the car park I told him I got a surprise for him, I guided him to another car park then he saw my car there and went “what the hell? How come your car is here?”, “you’ll know soon xP” I said, he stopped next to my car, I get my car and led him to where the car meet is, after parked our car, I told him “surpriiiise!! haha there’s actually a car meet here and I knew you wouldn’t want to drive your own car to a car meet so I planned this xD”, “but I haven’t wash my car” he replied, hahahahaha xD

12345 6789

My plan was have dinner first then go to the car meet but we were late already so we have our dinner after the car meet xP


We had a little fun cruise back to his house in our own car then watch The IT Crowd on Netflix and of course, chill xP So that’s all for today and see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –

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