Ribs & Burgers Perth.


!!WARNING!! Do not browse while hungry xDDD

One day, under some random circumstances, I found Ribs & Burgers on FB and I was super pumped to visit after check their menu and photos out, then I planned to go there on some weekend but realized they not even launch yet that time, my excitement made me gone blind and didn’t see they’ll be open the very first store in Perth later on, I bookmarked it, patiently wait till they officially launch (26 Jun 2015) and wait till the 1st-few-weeks-will-be-crazy-crowded’s period over.

Few months later, me and my cousin was working at a market held at Barrack Jetty which actually just few walk to Elizabeth Quey (that time only 1 week after it’s open to public), the market closes at 1pm so of course we had to check the new area out, here’s some shots of the Elizabeth Quey 🙂


After quickly walk through (because too hot that day) every bit of the new area, we walked back to Barrack Jetty to take the free service bus and headed to have an exciting lunch xP


I finally see these in person!! Not on photos anymore!! :’DDDDD Me and my cousin ordered the same thing which is the ribs and sliders combo, wanted to choose their lemon and herbs lamb ribs but they’re out so we go with the BBQ beef ribs, the combo comes with 2 sliders which are 1 chicken and 1 pork, all ribs only/combo served with chips or salads.


We left with smilesThat’s all for today, hope y’all enjoyed what you sees here, so see you guys on the next one, Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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