Chinese New Year Night Market @ Westfield Carousel.


I actually haven’t been to any night market or food events since the Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord at IKEA, although Perth have food events happening almost every weekends but I always couldn’t go, reasons always either because location, difficulty of finding car park during those hours and crowd, but the biggest reason was because (I’ve said this sooo many time) once I arrived home from work I’ll become super lazy and can’t be bother to go out anymore so yea 😛

Well, since Chinese New Year Night Market’s location was super close and have free parking but I haven’t been in the atmosphere of Chinese New Year for almost 10 years so might as well go have some fun with JC and his mum xP Anyway, enjoy the visual tour 😀


Our first round of food xP


Getting our second round xP


Finished off with this Lychee and Mint drinks. So that’s all for today, hope y’all enjoyed the Chinese New Year in your hometown with families and friends, see you guys on the next one, Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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