2 Days out with le Cousy.


The last time that I’m being some kind a “tourist guide” was when Shirley came back to Perth for her 2nd visit last year, and here’s another “I be the tourist guide” coz my cousin just came over for studies so of course I had to take her out xP

My route of taking guests visiting Fremantle is pretty much the same everytime seriously, so my route is enjoy fish and chips at Cicerello’s, walk around take photos on the jetty’s decks, have a slow walk through The Esplanade Park, check out those nice vintage/modern building, have some coffee break or desserts anywhere in Market St+South Terrace(AKA Cappuccino Strip), check Fremantle Market out then that’s it, but for who don’t mind long walk I definitely will take them to check the E Shed Markets’s area out and definitely will take them walk behind B Shed to try our luck if can see some dolphin xP Anyway, let’s have a (visual)walk shall we? xP


After visited Fremantle, I took my cousin to Cottesloe Beach since she love beach and it’s not too far from Fremantle so why not? xP


It’s easy to spot my kind on the road but hard to find one in the car park so when I sees one and if there’s a parking spot next to it I definitely park the without hesitation, then take a photo hahaha xP


Cottesloe Beach.

The second day of day out was just showing my cousin how to take public transportation to get around in Perth, I wanted to take her to try the Swedish meatballs at IKEA so we took bus to catch a train then take bus to the IKEA. 


After have our lunch and walk around in IKEA we take bus again, instead of going home I show my cousin which buses that can take her home from her collage so today pretty much spent our time on public transport really so yea xP So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Cars photos taken with Sony A5100, the rest was Sony Xperia Z5. –


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