Casa del’ Amici.


Celebrated JC’s mum’s birthday by a simple dinner out at Casa del’ Amici. xP


Started with some house wine, lemon lime bitter and some huge slices of garlic bread xP


That’s what JC’s dad having, I have no idea what’s the name for that pizza ><


JC’s mum having Saltimbocca Alla Romana (Thin sliced veal pan fried with prosciutto and sage butter, served on bed of mashed potato and sauteed spinach).


JC having Casa Nostra (Fettuccine with chicken, mushroom, cream sauce, sun dried tomatoes and spinach).


And I’m having Prawn & Bug Spagetti (Exmouth tiger prawns and Broome bug meat pan-fried with a touch of garlic and chilli, flambeed on cognac, finished with rocket pesto).


And desserts was this Teapot Cake from Utopia xP So that’s all for today, will see you guys on the next one, Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony Xperia Z5. –


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