2015 Christmas Feast.


This is the 6th time I’ve celebrated Christmas, what do I mean you ask? Feel free to find out why by check this old post out, and why not check how I celebrated Christmas on 2014 too? Hehe xD

I found that this Christmas just got bigger and better, “bigger” as like I celebrated it with more people, “better” as like damn I’ve drank a lot which I think probably the best part hahahahaha xDDD Something different for this Christmas was I made Christmas lunch for the family, it was my first time to make Christmas lunch, not sure how come I insist to do so but yea I’m just feel like I should do something different this time xP

Christmas Eve :-


Last minute Christmas presents wrapping and made the Christmas cake for the Christmas lunch so it’s not for Christmas Eve xP


This is the 2nd time I put the Christmas tree out after bought it for quite a long time xP


My parents was away so my sister and brother-in-law invited some close friends over to have dinner on Christmas Eve, we had Chinese Steamboat/Hot Pot for dinner, the most effortless and people’s favourite haha xD

DSC_0595[1] (2)

Before that, we kicked start our night with this sexy guy xP I think I’ve only told JC that Johnnie Walker is my number 1 favourite whiskey in the whole world, hmm actually, I never try others so that’s why it’s my number 1 and last 1 haha xD First time I got introduced to this whiskey was in my uni life, having so much fun in the karaoke with my Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysian friends then one of them made me a glass of Red Label with Coke, then everytime I go over their place or go Karaoke they already know what drinks to get/made for me xP Then I stopped having it as soon as they gone back to their country, after 7 (or 8) years, this is my very first time I touched Johnnie (hmm…. erm… whatever haha xD) and what even better was IT’S A GOLD LABEL, why is it better? Here’s it’s rank in the family, Red > Black > Double Black > Gold > Platinum > Blue, the highest rank I’ve had before was just Black and thanks to my brother-in-law (damn you rich bastard hahahaha xD) now I can enjoy unlimited Gold Label hehe ;P


My sister’s birthday is on 22 December which is 3 days before Christmas so her friends brought her a birthday cake as a surprise x)


After the small party at my house, I headed over JC’s house to countdown the last few minutes to welcome Christmas Day xP


JC’s family’s Christmas tree never so little presents, it only gets more and more xD


Presents from JC’s family, will reveal at the end of this post xP

Christmas Day, Lunch at mine :-

The day has come, after everyone saw what I made, they mostly like “wow you must be got up very early to make all these”, I thought I’ll take so long to done all these but surprisingly they only took me exactly 3 hours. All these are very simple to make, already marinate and ready to cook so basically there’s not much of prep time and mostly just cooking time that’s why it didn’t take me so long xP


Drinks: Chopped some watermelon, slice some lime, some mint leaves, caster sugar/sugar syrup, ice and soda water. Alcoholic version is just add any alcohol you want hahaha xD


Ok here’s what I made xP


Oven baked sweet chilli, Lime chicken drumstick and wings.


Swedish meatballs from IKEA.


Seen something like this on some website and decided to make it because it looks like wreath xD Use cookie cutter to cut out any amount of round pastry from puff pastry sheet, bake them in the oven untill golden brown, cut out the centre part of the baked puff pastry so it looks like a “bowl”/”tart’ like, diced ready-to-serve cold chicken meat mix in potato salad, season with salt and pepper then scoop it with a teaspoon and fill the puff pastry with the salad then complete with corn, diced red capsicum, red onion and broccoli xP


Ready-to-eat honey leg ham.


If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, don’t doubt why this looks so familiar, yup, it is the Uncle Ben’s rice medley that I had with my pan fried crispy skin salmon the other day x’D


Leg lamb with secret marinate that I learned from my previous work (Kebab shop), the marinate is only use in the Shish kebab but my boss said it will still work as long as its leg or shoulder part so yea, it’s my proudest dish by the way hehe xP


Pan fried crispy skin salmon.


Presents from my family, will reveal at the end of this post xP

Christmas dinner at JC’s :-

This is the 6th Christmas I’ve celebrated with his family, time flies xP They always have Christmas lunch and dinner every year and I never missed one (I remember I never xP) but this time I’ve planned to do something for the family which was organize a Christmas lunch so I only could attend their dinner xP


No doubt, you can already tell from the photos, JC’s mum’s cooking and his sister’s desserts are always great xP And here’s what I got for Christmas from JC’s family (top) and my family (bottom) x)

DSC_0671 (3) ()~2DSC_0673 (2)

Couldn’t thanks my and JC’s family more for all these presents, I’m very lucky 🙂 So that’s all for today, hope you all had an awesome Christmas holiday and wish you all a great new year ahead, will see you guys on the next post! Ciao! 😀

– Photos taken with Sony Xperia Z5 –


3 thoughts on “2015 Christmas Feast.

  1. All the delicious food and wonderful presents in this post just made me super happy!!! 🙂 The colors of these photos are fantastic with vibrant colors and they are super festive!!! You did an amazing job on cooking that yummy lunch for your family and I bet they were super happy with the end result. Such a sweet girl you are to do that for them! 🙂 ❤

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