Gami Chicken and Beer.


Yo yo yo I’m BACK!! xD Yea you can tell I’ve been enjoying my time off from blogging again, when was the last time I blog again? *check the last post’s date* 3 weeks ago, still didn’t beat the 7 weeks’s record hehe xP Anyway, here’s what’s up xD

This is probably the first time that I hang out with my sister, bro-in-law and their kids since a very long time, coz we are not staying together for a several years but we are living together now so I’ve found myself another food lovers/explorer Yeaaahh xD Eddie (bro-in-law) have been really into Korean food since last time they came back from their Korea trip so he been searching for good K.Food around Perth and this is one of them, Gami Chicken and Beer. xD


Fried chicken and beer wasn’t that popular until a Korean tv series called My Love from the Star released in 2013, the main character’s favourite late night snacks/food is fried chicken and always pair with beer then BOOM! it start trending in Taiwan then spread to most Asia countries then I can’t believe it would reach here hahaha xD I’ve tried it on the first night travelling at Taipei on Jan 2015, for some reason, its actually feels randomly good hahaha xD


Some people may don’t know there’s some Korean locals’s ways of drinking their beer and Soju (Korean wine), well you can just drink like how you normally do, I only know there’s 3 ways except drink normally, and they super fun to watch xP To explain it easier, here’s some youtube videos I found to explain the 3 ways I know xP

Way 01: Soju + Korean Beer

Way 02: Soju + Korean Beer + Korean Cider

Way 03: Soju + Beer + Coke

Isn’t it amazing??? I always got amazed while watching my Korean friends do it back in the uni life (uuuuhhhh I’m feeling old now dammit ><). Anyway let’s start eat with your eyes xD


Gami Chips (Gami-made potato chips in sous-vide cooking method)


Potato Heaven.


Mandu (Korean deep fried dumpings filled with veggies)


Fried Rice Cake coated with Gami’s sweet chilli sauce.


Seafood and Spring Onion pancake.


Gami Wings.


And here’s the main character, Gami Boneless Chicken (750g mix of chicken breast and thigh fillet served with honey mustard sauce), we chose 2 flavours for half half of the portion, the half on the left is Soy Garlic flavour and half on the right is Sweet Chilli (dayyum my mouth is watering now xD)


So that’s all for today and more is coming except I can’t guarantee will post it soon or not hahahaha xD Anyway, will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


3 thoughts on “Gami Chicken and Beer.

  1. What a fun way to drink beer! Although I’m not a fan of beer, it made me wanna try a bit. 😛 Those fried food looked delicious and I bet it tasted as good as it looked. These food pictures looked awesome! Good job dear! ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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