A Much Needed Update.


Hello blog, long time no see(again)!! xP Sorry that I haven’t been give too much care here lately so I guess it is time for me to give some explanation ><

Ok basically I’m not like super busy that I don’t have any spare time to blog, I got sooooo much time that I can actually make a post per day, it’s just I’m too lazy, whenever I’m like “ok seriously I have to do my blog” but every time I got home from work then sat down in front of my computer then start go on the net and/or watch my favourite TV show then I totally forgot about blogging ><

So what exactly I’m up to from the past 2 to 3 months? Here’s a brief, I don’t really remember what happened what I’ve done in the mid of Sep so I’ll start from October. xP


Welcome my new born niece xP


Attended JC’s uncle’s wedding. I chose to not reveal all their wedding photos here so yea will just keep them for their fam x)


Only can have liquid stuff while suffering a serious tooth infection for a week, JC’s mum made me yummy soft food after 2 days I came back from dentist xP

I got told I can upgrade my phone plan earlier so I gone back to Sony phone which I chose Sony Xperia Z5 as my current phone, I’m still using Nokia Lumia 1050 mostly for adjust/edit my snapshot before post it on Instagram xP


Was super excited for Halloween and all planned for it but have to cancelled the plan coz of tooth infection 😥


Flight ticket to Tokyo is BOOKED!!!! YAAAAAAAAASSSS xDDDDDDD Still haven’t get the return ticket though so I might as well stay there forever? Hahahahaha xD



Sketching out my desserts idea for my new born niece’s full moon celebration party xP


The desserts for my new born niece’s full moon celebration party has came to real life from my sketch xP


Been working every weekends which mean everyday on November, it’s good though, means more income hehe xP

Then, its December now, if you followed me on Instagram you would’ve know what I’ve been up to since the day one I stop blogging so yea basically that’s what’s up xP Very sorry for the missing and I promise you that this will HAPPEN again so don’t hold your hope high hahahahaha xD So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Wedding photos taken with Sony A5100, the rest mostly Sony Xperia Z5 or Nokia Lumia 1020. –


3 thoughts on “A Much Needed Update.

  1. I totally understand why you haven’t blogged for a while. It is honestly ok to do so. Sometimes we all need to do something that relaxes us 😉 . Congrats to you having a new born niece and JC’s uncle on his wedding! 🙂 I can’t wait till the time when you travel to Japan! I bet you will have a lot to share with us. 😉

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