Come back, Ah Mei! :'(


Whoever loves Asian food must have tried Ah Mei Cafe in Perth, but they have already gone for more than 20 weeks now without much information of “closing down”, just quietly changed their names to other 😥

I’ve been missing my home town food all the time after since I left Malaysia, although Ah Mei Cafe is not only specialising Malaysian food but also mixture of Indonesia and Singapore (they pretty much the same just a lil bit of difference from flavour xP). I’ve been checking out when and where have pop up Pasar Malam (night market) or Southeast Asia’s style restaurant in Perth, I’ve been introduced quite a few of those places that they have the flavour as close as what I tasted in my home town, and Ah Mei Cafe was one of them 🙂


I first got introduced by Isabelle (sis-in-law) and Ricky (bro), they was also introduced by one of their customer at first. After went there for the first time and tried out their Bakmie Special, I would at least go there once in a week coz they’re so close to where I live (only under 10mins drive) and also would get take away while on the way home from work if I’m working on the weekend so sometime I go there twice a week haha xP Unfortunately my weekly routine has changed after Isabelle told me they are no longer Ah Mei anymore, some other company has took over, although the shop looks still the same but the name and staff is different now.


Teh Tarik is a must-order drinks xP


I always order this for entree, Lumpia Mayonnaise (Deep fried dough with seafood stuffing)


My favourite!! Bakmie Special (Homemade noodles served with veggies, chicken mince, fried wanton and beef balls.)


JC always order their Roast Chicken Rice.


One night I went with family. My dad’s Hainan Chicken Rice.


Isabelle’s Wanton Noodles.


Ricky’s Turmeric Rice (Traditional Indonesian coconut flavoured turmeric rice served with chicken, Ikan Bilis, peanuts and egg topped with sweet sambal)

I know Ah Mei Cafe has 2 branch, their first shop is the one near where I live, second one was at Waterford Plaza (near Curtin University). I was craving for their noodle sooooo much so me, Isabelle and Salee (her sister) went there for lunch after visiting Araluen Botanic Park, I was super excited when I saw the shop but then I got disappointed coz they just remain the look of the shop from Ah Mei but also took over by some other company, which mean, Ah Mei Cafe is totally gone, and now, I can only reminisce all the authentic flavour from these photos 😥 Although there is another place that the flavour could bring me back to home town but you know, something different is something different (lol that could be some quote haha xD) So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020. –


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