Breakfast @ Atrium.


You may find me a generous person, but when it’s about food, I would finish your left over, if you don’t mind; or I would order as much dishes as I want, if I got the mula x’D Take me to a all-you-can-eat restaurant, I could easily help you earn back the price of what you’ve paid hahahahahaha xDDDD

This post was scheduled to be publish on last Wednesday, but laziness kicked in again so have been postponed till today, although I’m so lazy but there’s this thing inside me makes me wanna complete what I’ve started so yea I’m back now haha xD

Family and I planned to take my dad to have breakfast at Atrium for celebrate on Father’s Day but it was fully booked, so we came 1 week after. I’ve been here quite a few times, mostly came for dinner and only once for breakfast on my birthday 5yrs ago, that time was one of my favourite birthday celebration, my friends took me to Crown Metropol to stayed 2 nights for my birthday, I knew the price of one night for that standard guest room is super expensive already (like almost $300/n) but one of my friend his dad work there so they were lucky that only need to pay less than half price xP Then that was the first time I tried their buffet style breakfast but I forgot how was it coz that was 5yrs ago x’D It’s ok, this time I’ve refreshed my memory by coming back with the family hehe xP I arrived by myself first so I’m just took a few shot while waiting x)


I didn’t browse around the food area while waiting for my family to arrive coz I was a bit shy so yea I finally can do so when they arrived haha xD Let me take you guys walk around and see what they have then xP


Ok, back to my seat with food, Imma nom now haha xD Here’s my 1st round xP Some beef, ham, salmon and salad with walnut xP


2nd round: Crispy bacon, normal bacon, sausages, roasted ham, hashbrown, scramble egg, roasted potato and sunny-side egg.


Third round: Steak with idk-what sauce, grilled fish and salad.


Fourth round: Dim sums.


Fifth round: Veggie Tempura, fried noodle, fried rice, fried chicken, butter chicken and rice.


Taking a rest haha xD


Not sure should I count this as the sixth round xP


Ended with mixed fruit and Greek yoghurt xP I must say I did less well than before this time, I wish I can eat more but I start feeling full already on my third round. ><


We went in to the Casino after the breakfast, I’m quite good at Roulette so I was playing in one of the table, and it’s probably the longest time I stayed in Casino in my whole life, we went in at around 10.45AM, they left after an hour and I’m still there till 1PM coz I was winning (also losing), then I’m feeling thirsty so I treated myself with a non alcohol Lemon Lime Bitter and a cocktail with the money I won xD I have to admit that I got addicted to keep betting when winning in the game, but I must leave as soon as I lost, coz I learned a quite painful lesson long time ago so yea >< So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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