Another Good-Bye.


Shirley’s 10 days Perth trip has come to an end, I can’t even use that “time flies like rocket” to describe anymore, coz I’ve been using it too much, but I can’t find any other that are close to it to describe so yea, time flies, sigh. ><

It was a sunny Saturday, Shirley wanted to recreate the memory of that time we bailed an invitation from one of our friend than came to Fremantle for a One Day Freo Trip so yup we came to Fremantle to end her holiday (leaving the next day). We’ve been to most of the places that we went on the 1 Day Freo Trip, but we decided to keep the photos for ourselves to reminisce so I’ll just show what we ate in this post xP


Yup, Cicerello’s Fish and Chips again! xP We came on our 3 Days Get Away on her first visit about 2 months ago, that time we also ordered half doze of fresh oyster but this time we only ordered their traditional fish and chips and a bowl of chilli mussel, more than enough xP


After the satisfaction from lunch, we went to Fremantle Market coz Shirley got told to get some stuff from there, then we stopped at Maison Saint-Honore to have a little high tea time xD I actually came for their Saint Honore (salted caramel chantilly and vanilla cro-en-bouche) that I had at TGIF Hawkers Market, unfortunately I don’t see it in the display so I decided to try their desserts platter.


That’s what Shirley ordered. x)


I felt a little bit awkward sitting outside their shop coz this dessert platter is very attractive, every single person who walked pass keep looking at these mini desserts, female strangers just kept saying they looks so cute and delicious, I don’t blame them though haha xD


Not sure. xP


Honey Cake.


Dark Chocolate Tart (I guess).


Doughnut with dark chocolate and raspberry jam (I guess). 


It is very obvious, yup, Lemon meringue tart xP 


I don’t remember but let’s say it’s a Salted Caramel Macaroon shall we? hahaha xD

I wish we could have the last dinner together but I got plan with the family so yea, although I had to drive her to the airport the next day but wish we could have a proper farewell >< So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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