ToTo Vietnamese Restaurant.


Friday, it’s a word with an invisible stimulant, it gives us some random excitement when just think about it xP I not only get excited when I think of the next 3 days are my usual days off, but what makes me more excited is Shirley was around so that makes me wanna go out on Friday night even more hahaha xD

Unfortunately that night was another rainy night so we had to rearrange our activities to indoor. It would be awesome if the weather was as nice as the weekend we went to Margaret River 1 week ago, we could’ve go have a walk around in the city, have Korean BBQ for dinner at Northbridge, chill at the place (The Moon) we used chill at to enjoy a drink with a nothing-too-special’s deep fried potato wedges then drive around and stop wherever we want just to enjoy the breeze and view xD

BUUUT! As I’ve just mentioned, it was a rainy night, plus Shirley just had KBBQ the night before so we ended up have our another favourite cuisine, Vietnamese food xD The Vietnamese restaurant that we often go isn’t this one, it was another one called Dao Vien located in the city but I decided to take Shirley here which I often come, To To.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been here, whenever I’m craving for a big yummy bowl of Pho, I come here to fix my craves xP They’re always so crowded at night so I strongly recommend you guys to give them a call and make reservation just in case there’s no table available when you walk-in. I’ve learned my lesson before so I’ve made a reservation before arrival, so we don’t have to worry about waiting too long and I’m still not ready to see my female Hulk form yet so yea hahahahahahaha xD


I basically don’t need to read their menu anymore coz I always order the same thing, Vietnamese Iced Coffee is my must-order drinks so I won’t change my mind and never will hehe xD


For entree, I’ve ordered their Vietnamese rice paper rolls with pork and prawn to share,


And their deep fried prawn toast.


For main, Shirley ordered a Raw and Cooked beef rice noodle soup.


Mine was as usual, Combination beef rice noodle soup (Half cooked sliced beef, beef ball, beef tendon and beef tripe)

After dinner, we wanted to have dessert at San Churro which just across the road where we had our dinner, but because of the Happy Hour at our next stop has limited time everyday so we headed to our next stop straight after dinner.


Yup, our next stop waaaass,.. Karaoke at Utopia (Myaree branch)! Back then we always go to the Northbridge branch after school or after dinner when we feel like it, we even did it at 1AM till the staff come in and tell us they’re closing(uuuhh those awesome memories in Taiwan just appeared in my head :’D), but we aim for free parking and don’t wanna get dissapointed by got told there’s no room available in that hour on a Friday night, we have chosen here xP The Happy Hour deal I just mentioned is actually only apply for at least 4 people ($12/person for 3hrs starts before 5PM), but don’t worry if you go solo, duo or any numbers, it’s only $6 per person per hour before 7PM and $9 after 7PM so go ahead and knock yourself out hehe xD

So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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