Llama Bar and Kitchen.


Yaaaaaaasss finally, it’s a new post! Sorry for the lack of motivation xP

This night out with Shirley happened 5 weeks ago, now you can tell the events/things in all of my coming up posts are happened at least 2 weeks ago, oh well later better than never, although it is a bit too late (sorry guys) x’D

I found this awesome deal event on Llama Bar‘s FB way before Shirley came back to Perth for her second visit. $5 drinks all night, 7-8pm free cheesy corn-dogs, 8-9pm purchase 2 of their $5 drinks special then you’ll get free hot-dogs. A cheap eats hunter like me will definitely not miss this out, plus, I’ve always wanted to check this place out xP

This deal only held on Wednesday night so that night was pretty quiet, not more than 30 people was there, guess people rather save the energy for weekend or maybe the rain hehe xP


Tall glass (Drinks for ladies): Vodka Sunshine (Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, Gummy Worms). Short glass (For the gentlemen): Cheeky Cherry Cola (Alize, Chambord, Cola, Gummy Cola Bottle).


Cheesy Corn-dogs. (I must say it is the best one I ever had)


That 2 corn-dogs will never fill 2 big girls’s stomach up so we decided to order these to share xP


Wagyu Sliders (Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Relish, Sweet Potato Chips)


Steak night Wednesday: $15 250g sirloin w/ Bearnaise sauce, hand cut chips and salad.

I was quite tired that night coz I got work on the day time so I can’t help to not show “meh” face and not being talkative, a little bit sorry to Shirley that I couldn’t bring out some happy/excited vibe to have fun with her in the hang out but she understood. But I felt energetic after eaten these food, I think I’m just grumpy because hungry hahahahahaha xD


When we leave the bar, it started to rain, was planning to drive around but we ended up just chill at South Perth. The rain stopped for a few minute when we arrived but it started again and brought some cold breeze too, so we left, didn’t even stay more than 8mins :/ But it’s all good, we’ve enjoyed ourself with good food on a budget, good talk and chillax with good friend xP So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


3 thoughts on “Llama Bar and Kitchen.

  1. Beautiful shots sweetie! 🙂 Although you were tired at first, glad the food put a smile on your face in the end. Always good to friends who understand you especially in a situation like this 😉 Shirley is a sweet friend for sure and so are you ❤ You food once again made me so hungry 😛 Have a great week dear!

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