100th Post. Champagne Please.

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I’m a poor endurance person, I give up on things quite easily, especially when I don’t see much of result on the things I put so much effort in, but still can’t believe I’ve made this far on blogging, it’s 100th post yo! Woop Woop! xD

I used to blog a lot when I was still studying in Taiwan back in 2006, I always blogged on this Taiwanese community website called Wretch 無名小站, it was super popular like every of my friend has an account on that website, just like everyone has an email address. I also blogged on Taiwanese Yahoo Blog, there’s couple of times my food pics got published on there homepage. xP

In 2006, I moved to Australia and I didn’t really blog anything on those website anymore, till they closed down on 2013. But then I’m already using Facebook, I blog on their feature called “Note” in the first 2 years of using FB, but mostly about life, or I should say it’s like a diary 😛

Then some day in 2009, after meeting a lot of backpacker/friends from Taiwan and Hong Kong, I feel like I should go on a proper blogging platform, because I wanna show people in oversea about what’s going on in Perth. I aim for Asia, for those people who planning to come here or study here and live in budget, like looking for cheap eats or free fun events in Perth. Since Wretch and Yahoo Blog has closed down, I went to some other Taiwanese community website and also made a blog on Weebly. Not even 1 month, I already sees my blog wasn’t going well in the Taiwanese website so I stopped blogging there; I did quite a few posts on Weebly and I really love that I can make my website looks like the way I want it, unfortunately it didn’t work well too (I blogged both in Mandarin btw).

Then I made an account on WordPress someday in 2009 (or 2010?) but I didn’t do anything to the blog coz I’m still kinda recovering from disappointment of the result on previous blog. Until the day before me and JC’s 4th year anniversary (Aug 2014), I started to get back to WordPress, because I got a better camera that I finally can capture better pictures, but it’s not actually an actual camera though, it’s just my phone, Nokia Lumia 1020 hehe xP And my very first post was about my dining experience at Low Key Chow House, it’s also a pre-celebration for me and JC’s 4th year anniversary, and got praised and regram my pic on their IG too xP Oh wait, technically that’s actually the second post coz my very VERY first post is about me saying hello to the blogging world hahaha xD

For those readers who have been following me from my very first post might already noticed my grammar have gone so bad after the first few posts, if I’m not wrong, from the 1st to 16th post, I make draft in my own word first then JC did the correction for me so they are all “so perfect”, then start from the 17th post, I stop asking his help and started to just use my own word, because sometime he’s tired from uni/work so yea >< At first I wanna try to improve my English but I guess untill now my grammar is still in the same level, that’s why I always says “ok Imma stop talking and let you guys enjoy the photos” in most of the posts hahahaha xD

Anyway, I actually didn’t expect this time started quite well, coz I was thinking one day this blog will come to an end again like all those previous ones for some reason, although I’m very lazy and lack in motivation a lot of time but look at me now, I’ve made it to the 100th post!! It’s pretty impressive for a person like me to done that in a year time, I even wish this motivation happen in my weight lose progress hahahaha xD

Your invisible support and visits has made me this far, I can’t thank you awesome readers out there enough but please accept my most sincere thankfulness, and also please forgive my grammar hahaha xD You guys are the best! And special thanks to Khloe from FaburlifeKhloe, you’re the best of the best hehe! xD Love you all mwah mwah mwaaaah! xD


3 thoughts on “100th Post. Champagne Please.

  1. Super big congrats to you sweetie! ❤ I totally understand what you are saying here. Blogging isn't easy at all especially it is very time-consuming. It takes a lot of efforts and dedication to make it right. I'm so proud of you to go from zero to 100th post!!! 😉 Don't worry about grammar or anything! As English isn't my first language, I totally understand how difficult it is to put up a post in English. You did an awesome job already. 🙂 Your photos are awesome and I love the way your share your life with us, so keep it up dear!!! Well deserved our support for sure! Thank you very much for the shout out! 😉 You are too kind to do so!!!

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