The end of CHArley’s Margaret River Road Trip.


17. 08. 15 Leaving Margaret River and back to the reality :’D

Uuuh sentimental feeling always comes near the end of happy time >< Anyway, here’s the last part of happy time at Margaret River. Weather was bad that morning, pouring rain the whole day, even Squid got sentimental xP


Our last time visit our favourite cafe in Margaret River 😥


Our breakfast is served.


Shirley ordered this big brekky burger, the fresh made orange was come with the burger too but Shirley forgot bout’ it after she ordered cappuccino haha xP


And mine was this pannini benedict (if I’m not wrong xP), I ordered chocolate milkshake but coz I saw someone had one in a mug and looks so awesome but mine arrived in a take away cup 😥 Anyway, my favourite donut calmed me down haha xD oh yea that vanilla slice there was Shirley’s dessert x)


Our first stop was Gabriel Chocolate. This place was recommended by the host of the accommodation we stayed, since we will be pass by this suburb so we might as well stop by x)


Poor doggy wasn’t allow to come in coz he’s soaking wet even the kid try to open the door to let it in but the shop owner said leave him out 😦


Rain never stop so we might as week get some hot chocolate and chill in their cafe x)


Next was the first and last winery we visited, Cape Naturaliste Vineyard.


But the owner went out so they were closed when we arrived, poor dogs got locked inside. Previous one was kept out and these one are locked in = =


Then, we visit The Soap Factory. This place not just make and sell soap but heaps of fun and cool stuff too xP


Last and not least, finally visited Busselton Jetty. But the rain just won’t stop so all I can do was just take a photo and run back to my car and leave with disappointment, really wish we could stay longer and have my toes sink in the soft sand and walk on that jetty 😥


So that’s all for me and Shirley’s 3 days Margaret River road trip, hope you guys enjoy what you guys just saw from photos, and yes we enjoyed ourselves very much, I can’t wait to go back there again but don’t know when hehe xD Anyway, that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


3 thoughts on “The end of CHArley’s Margaret River Road Trip.

  1. Although it was raining all day long, most importantly you guys enjoy yourself there. I would have missed such a lovely place if I were you. Good food, beautiful place and cutie cat…Who doesn’t love it? Wonderful post dear! 🙂

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