CHArley’s Margaret River Road Trip. Day 01.


15.08.15 Thought it would rain but it turned out nice and sunny, what a perfect weather to explore the region xD


Spotted Squid enjoying her sun bathing in the greens while we are getting ready to head out and explore xP


Acting cool while warming up the car xP


I went online and check what cafe around and found Margaret River Bakery, I immediately fall in love with their food, especially their desserts xP


Boom! Breakfast is served xP


I’m having Chai Latte with soy milk x)


Shirley was having flat white? cappuccino? Don’t remember xP


My roasted chicken with veggies in a burger roll, yum! xD


And I straight away know what I want for dessert, SALTED CARAMEL DOUGHNUT!!! YUMMINESS OVERLOOOOOOOOAD!!! xDDDDD


My 2nd dessert, Best Ever Brownie, yup, that’s the name of the brownie and no kidding, IT IS BEST EVER BROWNIE!!! Not so sweet and moist brownie coated with dark chocolate powder on top, YUM! xD


Shirley having the beef, bacon and cheese pie, and her dessert is plain croissant x)


After breakfast, we off to our adventure. First stop was just a short stop by at The Whaling Memorial in Augusta, and stumble across this coolest house I’ve ever seen xP


Ooooh what a beautiful view hehe xP


Yup, next stop is very obvious xP


The sign says it all xD


That’s where Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet x)


First winery we visited, while Shirley do all the tasting, I do all the photgraphying coz I’m more into sweet wine and cider xP


Shirley’s first purchase xP


I’m was soooo looking forward to go to Voyager Estate Winery after visit Leeuwin Estate coz I like the building and garden, click the name then you’ll know hooooooow beautiful that place are, UNFORTUNATELY, they were under maintenance =_= So we went to Redgate Wines, Shirley find them just alright so we came to Xanadu.


We didn’t have lunch and was pretty hungry so was keen to try their restaurant out but the kitchen closed at 3.30pm, so we just off to next stop ><


Next stop is McHenry Hohnen Cellar Door, this ride has very cool suspension hahaha xD


Last stop, try to catch some sunset at Surfers Point before head back to our place but seems like we came too early but still looks goo x)


Try to save money during the road trip so I made dinner and some extra to pack for the next day’s breakfast/lunch x)


So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –



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