CHArley’s Margaret River Road Trip. Day 0.5


If you haven’t read my previous post, you probably don’t get the meaning of “CHArley”, it’s a combination of my nickname Cha Cha and Shirley’s name, CHA + (Shi)rley = CHArley, you get it? You get it? Hahahahaha xD

Our road trip had planned on 14 – 17 Aug, 14/08 was a Friday and I got work that day but as soon as I finished work I went to airport to pick Shirley up, then we went back to my house to have a quick lunch and rest a lil, then off we go to see my manager at previous work coz the next day is her birthday, she invited me to her birthday dinner but I couldn’t go due to I’ll be at Margaret River so I’m just have a stop by and give her a gift x) After that we hit the road to Margaret River. x)


I was surprise that I wasn’t tired from driving at all, except after arrived the place we’ve booked for 3 nights. By the way, there was meteor shower during 11-15 Aug, I tried my luck between 11-13 but see nothing and found out it’ll visible at the northern side on dawn, right after half an hour I told Shirley bout’ it while driving, she said: “is that shooting star?” I straight away spotted the white light far away falling down with a light tail then disappear, I’m like “omg aaaaahhh why I don’t have dashcam??!!” hahahaha xD then that’s the first and last shooting star I seen, I thought it’ll be more coz still during the period of meteor shower but nah, that’s all ><


We arrived the place we gonna stay at around 8pm, I found it on Airbnb, here some quick shot how it looks like x) Private undercover parking lot and our own entrance to the room instead of from their main entrance x)


Kitchen, toilet and bathroom is separated to the room which located other side of that sliding door.


A double bed up here but there’s also 2 sofa bed downstairs but I didn’t take a photo of that area >< Very simple but that’s more than enough for us x)


Just in case I’ll be tired from driving and couldn’t make dinner, I bought this frozen pizza that just need to cook in the oven then ready to served xP


Oh let me introduce you this cutie, this is owner’s cat, her name is Squid, she was a stray cat and now belong to them, she don’t afraid of strangers at all, she also greet and welcome me and Shirley’s arrival that night, and she clean my fingers in the first photo, so cute hehe xP

So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


3 thoughts on “CHArley’s Margaret River Road Trip. Day 0.5

  1. Happy “Charley Days” for you both! 🙂 Hope you have an amazing time with her! 😉 That place is simple, but cozy. Of course, me as a cat lover can get enough of that cute cat 🙂 My heart just melted when I saw her ❤ ❤ ❤

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