Margaret River x Albany.


Remember my bff Shirley? If you don’t or you are new to my blog or you’ve missed that post, it’s never too late to check it out here xD I’m so happy that she came back to Perth for 2nd visit, although I’ve managed to complete her food wishlist during her 1st visit 2 months ago, but there’s one that I couldn’t make her wish come true that time, which is, visit Margaret River, the south west region of Western Australia, where all the wineries, factories, beautiful beaches and sightseeing (etc) are located. And I finally completed that during her 2nd visit xD

Before showing you guys our adventures in Margaret River, let me show you the first time I visited that beautiful place with my family on 2005 (wow exactly 10yrs ago!), please enjoy ;D


The people mover my family rented for the road trip.


This cameraman is my dad, my mum on the left xP


This lady in light purple shirt is my bro-in-law’s step mother, yea my family and his went for that road trip together x)


This lil girl in pink top is my bro-in-law’s lil sister, now (after 10yrs) she’s a grown up lady, time flies xP


That funny boy is my bro-in-law’s lil brother, and of course he’s a tall young guy now x) By the way, I basically can’t recall the memory of where we have been during that road trip but I’ll try my best to google them out, yup, google is everyone’s best friend hahahaha xD


I thought this place is Canal Rock but after google it it’s looks different so I don’t remember what’s the name is this place xP


The first place we stayed x)


This is my bro-in-law checking out the map for the trip.


This is my bro-in-law’s father, also checking out the map for the trip, like father like son huh? haha xP




Just googled the store name and it is located at Denmark but it’s permanently closed >< By the way, you definitely can’t go wrong to get the fresh fruits and vegetable anywhere down south, sometime they are so fresh that are came straight from their garden xP There are heaps of berry farm that you can hand pick your own xP


One of the famous sightseeing but I don’t remember the name xP


The second place we stayed on our road trip x)


Back then I really like take photos of light and shadow, I don’t know why though xP


That guy in white tees is my brother x)


Not sure where they found this dog but he is very friendly xP


This lake is just behind the place we stayed x)


Not sure when was this friendly dog been sitting there but I found him there that morning xP


Family having breakfast


Yup, the name says the place xP

DSCN1637DSCN1641DSCN1642DSCN1644DSCN1646DSCN1649DSCN1650DSCN1651DSCN6261DSCN6260DSCN6274DSCN6275DSCN6276DSCN6277DSCN6279DSCN6281DSCN6280DSCN6283DSCN6284DSCN6285DSCN6286DSCN6263DSCN6265DSCN6270DSCN6272DSCN6298DSCN6303DSCN6304DSCN6306DSCN6308DSCN6311DSCN6313DSCN6315DSCN6316DSCN6317DSCN6319DSCN6321DSCN6322DSCN6325DSCN6328DSCN6329DSCN6331DSCN6335DSCN6332DSCN6336DSCN6338                                                                                                                                                            DSCN6341DSCN6342DSCN6343DSCN6345DSCN6347DSCN6351DSCN6354DSCN6355DSCN6365

The only place I remember, Leeuwin Lighthouse xP


Back to our place for dinner x)


Went to a farm to see some demo of shaving the sheep xP


Poor little sheep hope he’s not too cold ><


So that’s all for today, can’t wait to show you guys our road trip, and I am going to name it CHArley’s Margaret River Road Trip, just in case anyone don’t understand the meaning of “CHArley”, it’s just a combination of my nickname Cha Cha and Shirley’s name, CHA + (Shi)rley = CHArley haha xD So, see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD


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